Sacha Baron Cohen TURNED DOWN Role as Villain in 'Red Sonja' Movie

Red Sonja‘, which is currently being produced in Bulgaria, almost had Sacha Baron Cohen (‘Borat’) as Kulan Gath, the main villain of the classic adult comics.

According to information from the newsletter Heat Vision, published in The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen turned down the offer, which was around $7 million.

Kulan Gath is a sorcerer originally established as the villain of ‘Conan the Barbarian‘, in the 1970s, but ended up being incorporated into the Marvel Universe, where he faced the ‘X-Men‘ and the ‘Avengers‘ on several occasions.

As soon as Dynamite Entertainment obtained the rights to Red Sonja in 2006, they also started using it in their titles.

The feature must tell the origin of the red-haired warrior Sonja, created by Robert E. Howard in 1934, and her rise from a young girl reborn from the ashes of tragedy into the most feared woman of her time. On her way to avenge her family’s destruction, her sword finds a greater purpose: to save all of Hyrkania from the villainous Kulan Gath.

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At a certain stage of development of this long-gestating project, Robert Rodriguez even considered directing and offered the lead role to his girlfriend at the time, actress Rose McGowan. Posteriorly, Amber Heard, current woman of Johnny Deppwas quoted to live the warrior.

There is currently no actress associated with the character. There is also no set timeline for the project.

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