'Samaritan' and Sylvester Stallone's Superhero Movies

With a career that has spanned more than five decades and 96 credits as an actor, as well as being equally known as a screenwriter, producer and director, Sylvester Stallone is definitely one of the biggest and most important personalities in the world of cinema of our times. His blockbusters made him the definitive action hero of the ’80s and ’90s; and with characters on the level of Rocky Balboa and John Rambo, Stallone could well be considered one of the first movie superheroes.

Despite recent beef with the producer’s family Irwin Winkler for the creative control of the franchise rocky (which, believe me, does not belong to Stallone), we will not address this fact here, but focus on the most recent release of the actor’s career: the Amazon Prime Video blockbuster, Samaritan. in the plot, Sylvester Stallone plays the superhero Samaritan, who was very successful fighting criminals but disappeared twenty years ago out of the blue. Everyone believes he’s dead, but a 13-year-old boy is about to find out the truth. The boy Sam suspects that his neighbor, the elderly Mr. Smith (Stallone) is actually the secret identity of the vigilante Samaritan – a cross between Batman and Superman. Now, the boy will go to the bottom of this story, investigating to discover the truth, and to know why the superhero decided to retire his cape.

and with the movie Samaritanwhat many journalists have stressed is the star’s first attack Sylvester Stallone in the genre of superhero movies. According to headlines, the actor would be riding the wave of the moment and the path paved by Marvel and DC to create his own original character. Yes, Stallone is riding this wave, but that’s nothing new for the actor in his career. It is enough to look a little more closely at the filmography of the old Italian war stallion to realize that Stallone had already done some work in the genre. And it is precisely these films that we will feature here in this new article. Check out the other roles within the comic book superhero genre (or not) that Sylvester Stallone had already done. Check out.

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when it was easier for studios to bet on less well-known and independent comic book adaptations than on great characters from the Marvel and DC collection. And that time was the 90s. In that period, DC’s only great asset and reliable character was Batman. And at Marvel things were even worse, with not even a single one of them able to hit the screens, leaving their hellish development behind. It was in this scenario that one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the time, Sylvester Stallonewould accept to play the protagonist of a British comic book created by Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner. Created in 1977 for the 2000 AD comic, the character would become so popular that he would soon get his own magazine. Set in a dystopian future where crime has taken over, and the government tries to adopt desperate measures to combat it. In Mega City One, the rulers have given full power to so-called judges, law enforcement officers who act as police, judges and executioners – with carte blanche to eliminate any wrongdoers they see fit.

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With Disney production, through Hollywood Pictures, the studio agreed to adapt the controversial comic, but ended up bumping into some pitfalls that made the result fall short of expectations. Although the art direction, effects, animatronic creations, costumes, makeup and the cast are some of the best elements of the film, and that draw the most attention, one of the great problems of The judge in the opinion of the fans, it was a low censorship film, almost a matinee adventure, which bet a lot on humor (with the presence of Rob Schneider as incessant comic relief). Other than that, when hiring stallone, ran into another mishap. The star didn’t want to be hidden behind the hero’s helmet – since the audience and the studio had paid for his presence. So, unlike in the comics where the protagonist never takes off his helmet, the film’s Dredd spent most of his time showing without his famous look – making this any action movie from stallone minus the Judge Dredd.

This one Marvel fans will remember well. Although Judge Dredd be a cult British comic and not very well known to most, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy characters are not far from it. That is, before they became the stars of their own millionaire movie. Let’s be honest, before it became a fever in 2014 thanks to the first feature film, who actually knew or had not even heard of Guardians of the Galaxy. Even the studio recognized that they were characters from the B (or C) team, and that precisely why they needed a vote of confidence from the public. Fans compared the idea and made these secondary characters one of the biggest hits of the house of ideas.

It is clear that such a phenomenon would generate a sequel, and three years later, the second film was released. Like the vast majority of Marvel comics superteams, the guardians they also had different formations, and the one we see on stage is one of the most recent. However, Marvel and the director James Gunn found a way to honor the old formations. And for that, the filmmaker cast the star Sylvester Stallone for the role of Stakar Ogord, helm the classic characters. In the plot, the character of stallone is the leader of his own team of renegades, who doesn’t want anything to do with his former member Yondu (Michael Rooker). the participation of Sly was so good that it spawned rumors of a spinoff. While he does not leave the role, the actor will return to the character in the third Guardians of the Galaxy to be released in early May 2023, who knows for a bigger turnout.

Apparently Sylvester Stallone and James Gunn did well behind the scenes Guardians Vol. two. The filmmaker is a big fan of genre cinema, including action. So he must also be a great admirer of Sylvester Stallone. The director wasted no time when he needed to cast an actor to play the big King Shark, in the second Suicide squad from DC. When he was fired from Marvel, Gunn tried to join the side of DC – later being rehired by the rival. In the meantime, he was able to develop the villain team project the way he wanted, making the new film a critical success unlike the original. A new shovel of house C team characters has been harvested by Gunn when building your team. And just as he had done with the humanoid tree Groot (who has the voice of another big guy – Vin Diesel), James Gunn was willing to make King Shark a cartoon character, fun, funny and very cute/darling. He got it right. And a big part of his success came from dubbing stallone. Fans can’t wait to see the character show up, or fangs, again.

Following a middle line The Suicide Squad, where we have many colorful characters, and some very graceful, this film (although not nearly as violent and bloody) has all the feel of a comic book adaptation. Created by Robert Rodriguez, Little spies is a very successful franchise, which has spawned no less than 4 movies since 2001. The idea came from Rodriguez wanting to make a movie that his children could watch, so he embarked on his first children’s feature, aimed at the whole family. One of the proposals here was to develop the director’s own special effects studio, which created his CGI company and improved it to implement the effects in this film. So, making the first Little spies almost an experimental film. And it worked very well, generating two direct sequels, from 2002 and 2003. As well as the recent Samaritan, the idea did not come from a comic book, but it has all the atmosphere and could very well pass for one. In the story, two retired superspies build a family. But when they mysteriously disappear, their children discover that their parents were actually James Bond himself, elevated to the tenth power. With access to their latest high-tech gadgets, the kids set out to save their parents. In the third film, created with the 3D that was fashionable at the time, stallone the villain Toymaker lives – and the prevailing mood is cartoonish.

At the end of the article, we have another film starring Sylvester Stallone which, while not really based on a comic book, could very well be, and has all the mood. The demolisher unfortunately it was another of the star’s projects that didn’t reach its full potential at the time of release, but it definitely made the joy and turned the heads of all who were children and teenagers fans of the actor at the time. Its cult value has only grown over the years and the stallone already mentioned a few times the desire for a possible sequel. It’s what many fans ask for and dream of forever. This is another science fiction mixed with action and set in the future. On the contrary The judge, the humor here works, it is conscious and intentional. In addition, the social criticisms are accurate, and the film guessed a lot about where we would go as a society in the 90s. This is a work embraced by a large part of the public at the time of its release and its legion of followers only increased The demolisher being considered a visionary film and ahead of its time.

in the plot, stallone lives super cop John Spartan. His main enemy is the sadistic psychopath Simon Phoenix, role of Wesley Snipes – also at the height of his career. They are versions of Batman and the Joker, we can compare. After a mission goes horribly wrong, the hero himself is convicted of a crime alongside the villain, and as punishment they are frozen in an experimental procedure. In the future where violence no longer exists, Phoenix is ​​mysteriously unfrozen and escapes. The only solution is to fight fire with fire, and for that, Spartan is also unfrozen. The future will be small for these two titans.

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