Samsung launches the new Odyssey G40 and G32 gaming monitors

THE Samsung has already made its new line of gamer monitors available for sale in the main stores in the country with the arrival of Odyssey G40 and G32. Check out all the details about them below!

Starting with the Odyssey G32 monitor, it has a refresh rate of 165Hz and, in practice, this ensures that your movements during games are not blurred or delayed. Allied to the 1ms response time, the monitor ends up guaranteeing even a competitive advantage for those who like eSports, as their actions are reflected in an almost instantaneous response time.

He still has the AMD FreeSync Premiumwhich further reduces screen lag, and the Eye Saver Mode, minimizing blue light to help your eyes relax in longer matches. Finally, thanks to flicker freeplayscreen flickering is removed, with even less eye strain.

The Odyssey G40 monitor supports FHD resolution and an IPS panel with a viewing angle of 178 degrees, as well as an even higher refresh rate, reaching 240Hz, also with a response time of 1ms. Another cool feature is the Auto Source Switch+, which can automatically detect which devices you’ve connected, and then switch itself to the new source signal.

You can find the Odyssey G32 in 24-inch or 27-inch versions, while the G40 arrived in 25- or 27-inch models. The suggested prices for the new monitors are as follows:

  • Odyssey G32 24 inch: from R$ 1,959.00
  • Odyssey G32 27 inches: from R$2,359.00
  • Odyssey G40 25 inches: from R$ 2,899.00
  • Odyssey G40 27 inches: from R$3,199.00

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