'Saw 10' is CONFIRMED and gets a release date

The franchise ‘Deadly Games‘ had its 10th CONFIRMED today, and the production already has a date for its premiere in theaters: October 27, 2023.

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures team up again for the next film, which will be directed by Kevin Greutert. The information was released by Bloody Disgusting.

Greutert directed ‘Saw 6‘ (2009) and ‘Saw – The Ending‘ (2010), and was also editor of the first through fifth films in the franchise.

“We’re listening to what fans have asked for, and we’re working hard to plan a movie that Saw aficionados and horror fans alike will love. And part of that is giving the reins to Kevin Greutert, director of the sixth film, who is still a fan favorite throughout the series.” Mark Burg and Oren Koules.

Recently, the screenwriter Josh Stolberg (‘Spiral: Legacy of Saw’) indicated that the film will be a prequel and will have the return of the iconic John Kramer (Tobin Bell).

The screenwriter of ‘Spiral‘ and two other films in the saga revealed that the script for the new film is his “favorite to date”, and released the rumor indicating that the story will take place before the events of ‘Saw 3‘, and his story will be told from Kramer’s point of view as he created the traps.

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The poster features a single bloodstained piece of a puzzle in a woman’s hand, with the words: “The last piece of the puzzle”.

“Back to my horror family, polishing the script for the next ‘Saw’. I could tell you there’s going to be a lot of blood, but you already know that. What I can promise you is that this will make John Kramer fans very happy.” Stolberg.

There are not many details about the project.

Unfortunately, ‘Spiral – The Saw Legacy‘ displeased international critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the production received measly 37% based on 170 reviews.

The film also had the lowest grossing of the franchise, with just $37.7 million.

THE Lionsgate and the Twisted Pictures will produce the new film.

Check out the new trailer:

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