Scalebound: project flame may be returning to life [RUMOR]

Since it was announced years ago for the Xbox One, scale bound became one of the most anticipated games on Microsoft’s platform — at least until it was suddenly canceled in 2017.

Since then, fans have been rooting for a return to the project and now it seems that things may really be moving towards one. Fresh Start for PlatinumGames’ Dragon Action RPG. The information is from the Xbox Era podcast.

In one of the most recent episodes of the podcast, journalist Nick Baker told a little about what he knows about the project. Baker stated that it has come to his attention that Microsoft and PlatinumGames would be talking about the possibility of revive the project, but who did not pay much attention to the rumor. It was then that a second source told him the exact same storydrawing the attention of the journalist.

According to Baker’s sources, PlatinumGames and Xbox executives held meetings about the game, but that negotiations are in the “very, very early” stages, indicating that there is a possibility that something concrete will eventually happen. Something that reinforces the hypothesis of a Scalebound “revival” is the developer’s interest in resuming the project. Hideki Kamiya, Vice President of PlatinumGames, has spoken several times about how I’d like to get back to working on the game alongside the Xbox.

Even so, it is good to emphasize that meetings about projects and interests and working together are not synonymous with confirmations, so for now the ideal is keep everything in the field of rumors and speculation.

And considering that Phil Spencer has said on other occasions that he regrets revealing the game so soon, in case a return to the project really happens we will only know when development is well advanced.

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