Secret multiplayer mode in Super Punch-Out!!  is discovered after 28 years

If you ever wanted to play Super Punch Out!! against a friend, know that this is finally possible. I mean, it always was, but nobody knew. A fan recently discovered a secret multiplayer mode in the title — 28 years after its release!

In fact, two codes were discovered completely by chance by user Unlisted Cheats, who posted his discovery on Twitter. “I happened to find some cheats in Super Punch-Out!! to Super Nintendo. All codes in this game use two-button combinations. Two of them are known: testing sounds and adding Japanese names. But there are two more,” he explained.

The codes are quite simple: by holding the Y+R buttons on the second controller while pressing A or Start on the first controllerthe player can select any opponent to face, including the Special Circuit.

The second, which is nicer, works the same way: hold B+Y on the second controller while pressing A or Start on the first. With this, a friend will be able to control any of the opponents, allowing you to face each other!

Naturally, the codes also work in the version available for subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service, as shown in the video below, produced by the GameXplain channel. That clash with your friend is no longer a dream!

Anyone who grew up in the 90s will remember that Super Punch-Out!! is one of the most classic games on the Super Nintendo, in terms of first party. The franchise has been dormant for several years and there are no signs that Big N intends to revive it anytime soon. Who knows, the discovery may rekindle the flames of fans asking for a new title?

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