'She-Hulk' creator says she has NOT planned new seasons for the series


If you haven’t watched the first two episodes of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroesavoid this article as it contains spoilers.

That Marvel Phase Four is a mess, everyone already knows. However, this second episode came to try to shed some light on the chronology of the MCU. Bringing a lighter tone, this chapter 2 has a very fun text and moves well through the character’s mood, exploring some of her best features and playing again with the very universe in which she finds herself. In addition, he brings very interesting easter eggs for fans, again reminding the public that the X-Men are coming there.

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The episode’s plot revolves around the aftermath of Jen (Tatiana Maslany) to have revealed his powers to the world in the midst of the trial in which he was advocating. Fearing that her image will be scratched, the office where she worked fires her, causing the protagonist to live the nightmare of perhaps having to abandon her career. We all know how desperate losing your job can be, and the way the episode chooses to approach the situation, intensifying Jen’s despair through quick cuts, giving a feeling of anxiety, but in a “fun” way, sets an interesting tone. to the episode and saves him from what could be ostracism. After all, the series was sold as a superhero advocacy series. That is, everyone knew she was going to get a new job. So, instead of trying to mask the inevitable, the direction plays with this desperation of the protagonist.

And it is precisely in this desperate search for a job that we arrive at a sequence of easter eggs that are bombarded on screen faster than the participation of the Mercury in the MCU. When Jen starts looking into other areas, after receiving several “No’s”, she lands on this page about pet employment in Switzerland. Who never? Well, the interesting part of this page is on the side, in the ad and related articles. The ad shows a sneaker from Iron Man, sold under the Arc Reactor brand. This shows that even having died some time ago, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) continues as a very profitable figure in this universe. That is, Stark Industries continues to profit from the image of the deceased, probably exploiting the profit on his death. It is very common in the business world. For example, artist albums often sell out after his death.

Just below, we see the news of a “man with metal claws” fighting in a bar. After the appearance of madripoor in Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021), this is the second heavy reference to the already existence of the Wolverine at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What will the Kevin Feige are planning for the character, huh?

The other related article asks about the existence of a giant statue having appeared in the middle of the sea. The fact that no one is worried about it ends up being an inside joke about the mixed reviews that eternal (2021) received, not least because it was a cataclysmic event that could have simply ended with Tiamut eating the entire Earth. And apparently no one cared much about it. This reference is also nice because it brings Eternals back into the game and helped put the movie and series in the chronology. Now we know that Eternals happens before She-Hulk it’s from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021).

Finally, the unemployment easter egg sequence ends with a constant running gag in the series thus far, but now referencing one of the most iconic gags in the series. Avengers: Endgame (2019): the “America’s Ass”. Continuing with his fascination with the popô do Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Jen gets a text asking for a family dinner and reveals that her wallpaper is the old man’s butt. captain America. Over dinner, we discovered one big difference from the comics to the series: Jen’s parents are alive. In the comics, her mother died when she was still a child, which is why she ended up getting close to her cousin Bruce. In the sequence of family conversations, her father also raises an important question: what happens to the arrows of the Archer hawk (Jeremy Renner)? Does he pick them up and reuse them or just leave them there and leave?

After the family dinner, Jen gets an excellent job offer at a rival company to her old job. She will earn very well, but she needs to dedicate herself to cases involving superheroes. Unlike in the comics, she here still doesn’t like her Hulk appearance very much, but decides to accept it. And what is the first case? Defend Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth), the villain of The incredible Hulk (2008). She is afraid to accept, but as it was accepting or losing the job, Jen studies the case and goes to the prison where he is incarcerated to have a chat with him.

An interesting detail is that this prison of Damage Control Department appeared a few months ago in Ms. Marvel. Those terrible generic villains from the series were sent to this unit, but they managed to escape it with some ease. It is enough to know now if the escape of the series happened before or after this one of She-Hulk.

After thinking and deciding to accept the case, Jen calls her cousin, Bruce, to see if it’s okay for her to agree to defend the villain who tried to kill him, 13 years ago, in the confrontation that destroyed Harlem. Bruce says that they have grown a lot and that he believes that Emil may have really changed, after all, even Bruce has changed. Literally. That joke was wonderful, because it plays with the character’s recast. In 2008, Bruce was played by Edward Nortonbut ended up being replaced by Mark Ruffalo, which retains the character to this day. And the best part is the little look Jen gives the camera when he says that. Too good.

Right after the joke, we see that Bruce is on a Sakaar ship in deep space. How he still had the signal to speak to his cousin is a mystery, but his fate seems increasingly clear. There’s a theory that the Hulk had a son on Sakaar and now the planet is wildly after his father to fix the kid. With these appearances becoming more and more frequent, it looks like Skaar should be introduced to the MCU by the end of the season. But this ends up opening up a possibility of a very large continuity failure.

That’s because the episode ends with footage of the fight Abominable against Wong (Benedict Wong) in Macau, showing that the series takes place simultaneously with Shang-Chi. However, the film’s post-credits scene shows Bruce in his human form having a video call with Wong, the other Avengers, and the rookies of the Ten Rings. Okay, Bruce could be making this call from anywhere in the universe, but he’s got his arm bandaged. And the series has already shown that he managed to recover that arm. In addition, he is there with the little device that ends up breaking in the series. So it’s a good thing someone breaks the Emerald Goliath’s arm on Sakaar and he rebuilds his device in space so Marvel no longer has a script hole for the bill.

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