Silent Hill: producer comments on the possibility of new games in the franchise

In October of last year, horror fans were treated to the great news that several Silent Hill projects were in development, the remake of the second game in the franchise, Silent Hill F, Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill: Ascension.

And a new interview from IGN Japan with series producer Motoi Okamoto, concept artist Masahiro Ito, and composer Akira Yamaoka seems to point out that we can expect more games from the iconic horror franchise in the future.

Initially, Okamoto explains that “The series was dormant for a long time. Konami, as a company, wanted to bring it back, and a lot of people who worked here wanted to make games in the franchise. The only thing is that everyone had different ideas about what is Silent Hill because they love the show, making it difficult to go in one direction”. And finally, the choice for the return of the franchise to be a remake of the second title, was because it represents what it is “to be a true psychological horror”.

With the big announcement, many indie studios came forward with their visions, as was the case with Silent Hill: Townfall, which is being developed by No Code (Series Untold). And although some of the submitted projects did not go ahead, Motoi believes that the number will only continue to increase.

“The fact that we were reviving Silent Hill was a secret until now, so we couldn’t go out and shout, ‘Hey, everyone! Bring your projects!’ But now we can so if creators from all over the world who love the game bring us their proposals, I promise to look at each one of them“, concluded the producer.

Now it’s wait and see what developers around the world send ideas to Konami and wait for more news! But what up, what did you think? Were you excited about the possibility of more Silent Hill games? Tell us on social media voxel!

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