Imagem de: Silent Hill Townfall é novo jogo publicado pela Annapurna

Konami today announced the development of Silent Hill Townfall, a new project in the cult horror series being developed by Scottish studio NoCode, Stories Untold and Observation, in partnership with Annapurna Interactive.

The video does not provide gameplay details, platforms for which it will be available or even a release forecast. It is possible to observe a kind of battery-powered radio in the middle of an office, with some frightening images flashing on your screen.

“I think we’ve done something so horrible that we’re stuck here being judged by these… People. But for you? I think it’s more than that. I think you’re here for some other reason. And I don’t even want to be. near you… When you find out”, says a mysterious voice.

To comment further on the project, creative director Jon McKellan appeared on the stream to share a little behind the scenes. “I remember playing the first Silent Hill on PSOne in 1999, and I became a fan from that moment on. for us, it is a real honor for us to bring a new [de Silent Hill] that respects the source material, but also does something a little different,” says Jon.

Still according to the creative director, this is all the studio can show at the moment, indicating that fans will have to wait until 2023 to learn more about this new project. “Until then, it might be worth watching the trailer again and seeing something you might have missed,” he concludes.

Other Silent Hill projects

This Wednesday’s broadcast (19) brought many news to fans of Konami’s horror series, especially the long-awaited remake of Silent Hill 2, which is being produced by Blooper Team, responsible for The Medium and Layers of Fear.

Additionally, Silent Hill F, a new Neobards Entertainment game set in 1960s Japan, was introduced to close the event. The developer is the same developer responsible for recent Resident Evil spin-offs, including the upcoming Re:Verse.

Finally, there will be a film based on Silent Hill 2 called Return to Silent Hill, directed by Christophe Gans, who made the 2006 film, and an “interactive streaming experience” called Silent Hill: Ascension.

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