SnyderVerse Fans Went To Warner Discovery To Ask For A Batman Movie With Ben Affleck

After Zack Snyder won the Popular Oscar with for ‘army of the dead‘, the fans of SnyderVerse saw the strength that the filmmaker possesses and decided to invest in a new campaign: now they are asking for a solo film to be made by the filmmaker. Batman as Ben Affleck the front of the direction and also starring in the feature.

And since standing still doesn’t solve anything, fans decided to do something new, renting a mobile billboard to place in front of the Discovery building in New York, Warner’s new major company, where it was written: “We ask you to make the film Ben Affleck’s Batman solo.” The text was addressed to David Zaslavpresident of Discovery.

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THE Discovery Inc and the Warner Bros. pictures brought the companies together, and the fans of SnyderVerse are seeing this as a hope for some elements of it to be rescued. By the way, Ben Affleck will do Batman will be in ‘The Flash’, which is directed by Andy Muschietti (‘IT: The Thing’), while Christina Hodson (‘Birds of Prey’) handles the script.

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