Sony refuses to say whether it would raise the price of the PS5 in the future

Due to the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 and the semiconductor shortage, many companies have had to raise the price of their services since 2020. Sony was no exception and did a price review of several of its electronics in Japan in April of this year, which included headphones, speakers, cameras, Blu-ray players and Home Theater systems. But when asked if he would do the same with the PS5the company responded very vaguely.

The question came during a meeting to discuss the results of the first quarter of this fiscal year, focusing especially sand Sony would consider raising the price of the new console because of these current market pressures. Unfortunately, all Hiroki Totoki (the company’s CFO) had to say was that there was nothing specific he could share on the matter.

While this may mean that we won’t see an increase anytime soon, it’s also an answer that doesn’t guarantee that the PS5’s price will remain the same in the future. Even with the console approaching its second year of life, it is still kind of difficult to find units for sale in some stores, but the situation is already much better than it was a few months ago.

What might comfort those interested in purchasing the console in the future is that Sony has never had a tendency to raise the price of the PlayStation all these years. Other than that, it would be hard to compete with Xbox if they did that, even more so with Microsoft already having a great value option in the form of the Xbox Series S.

Most likely, in fact, it would simply be a more powerful and expensive version soon, which could be the PS5 Pro, whose existence ended up being leaked in May of this year.

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