Sony will stop reporting PS4 sales numbers

The PlayStation 4 has been on the market for almost nine years, becoming one of the best selling platforms of all time. Now, after years of surveying the number of units sold, Sony has informed that it will no longer make this account.

According to information released by analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony chose not to publish more data regarding the old platform in its sales reports, as well as the number of units shipped to stores. Therefore, the last official number that we will have as a record is just over 117 million consoles purchaseddata obtained in March of this year.

However, it is worth mentioning that this does not mean that the Japanese company will stop producing units of the platform. The PlayStation 4 will still continue to ship to store shelves around the globe, but the trend is that this number will end up decreasing over time, even if the number of sales grows in the coming months.

In the top 5 best sellers

It’s worth mentioning that the console’s life cycle must certainly have pleased Sony executives. In terms of sales, the PlayStation 4 was the fourth best-selling platform in console history, second only to its older brother PlayStation 2, the Game Boy (both the original and the Color) and the Nintendo DS.

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