Imagem de: Spider-Man Remastered: mod homofóbico é banido no PC

With the arrival of Spider-Man Remastered to PRAÇAnaturally we had some mods very nice, and others… not so much. In one of the most controversial, the LGBTQIA+ pride flags were replaced by United States flags. But the folks at Nexus Mods were quick and already banned homophobic material, as we’ll explain next!

Originally posted on August 15th by Mike Hawk, the material ended up being replicated on the Internet Archive, albeit under the warning of including “offensive or inappropriate” content. Nexus Mods issued an official statement saying that:

“The fact that the user had to create a fake account like a coward to upload the mod shows their clear intention to troll. The creation of the fake account cleared any doubts about the topic and made the decision very easy for us. , both the fake account and the main account of that user were banned.”

But that’s not the only controversy surrounding Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered on PC. As we pointed out in our review, which you can see from the video above, the game had optimization problems on some hardware, so it’s worth doing a lot of research on the topic if you’re thinking about playing on your computer.

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