Imagem de: Mod de Spider-Man Remastered permite jogar como lápide do Tio Ben

You mods for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered don’t stop coming! Since it was released for PC, the Spider-Man game has already gained several modifications, some being useful and others not so much, leaning more towards the side of grace, and others a little… unusual.

Now, one of the most recent allows fans play as Ben Parker, the Spider’s uncle very related to the classic phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”… or nearly so. After all, the modification is actually for play as Uncle Ben’s tombstone!

“Transform into Uncle Ben himself,” the mod’s description reads, before warning that this is the “in the grave” version of the character. Below you can see the only image available on the modification page created by Saphire and made available by HomelanderSoldierBoy on the Nexus Mods website.

Mod lets you play as Uncle BenFonte’s tombstone: Nexus Mods/Disclosure

We have already seen, for example, mods that allow play as Peter Parker and Miles Morales in civilian clothes, in addition to other characters such as The Kingpin, Vulture and even the Stan Lee. We also saw some that fell more on the funny side of the whole thing, like one who turned all pigeons in the game into mice.

Unfortunately, not all mods are legal. There was a recent case, for example, of a modification that remove gay pride flags of the streets of New York in the title of Insomniac. Needless to say, the homophobic mod was banned from specialized sites, right?

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered has versions for PlayStartion 5 and PC.

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