Imagem de: Splatoon 3 pode ter o primeiro personagem não-binário da Nintendo

when we talk about Splatoon, we remember the style and neon colors of the characters. However, it seems that the Nintendo is taking a new step and adding more diversity to its product as many fans believe that the first non-binary character from the company is coming with the third game in the franchise.

In Splatoon 3a new trio called “Deep Cut” will be responsible for the presentation within the story, replacing the “Squid Sisters” from Splatoon 1 and Pearl and Marina from the last game. This group will be composed of Shiver, Frye and Big Man – and Shiver would actually be non-binary.

Image Credit: Youtube Playback |  Nintendo.Image Credit: Youtube Playback | Nintendo.Source: Youtube | Nintendo

Nintendo has neither confirmed nor denied anything about this. What is fueling theories is that, according to fans, the company is avoiding mentioning a genre or using gender-specific references on anything related to the Shiver character. In-game dialogue would not need to conjugate verbs or adjectives, and this appears to be standard across all languages ​​in which Splatoon 3 has been localized.

The Japanese text for the game, for example, never refers to the character Shiver with first-person pronouns. Frye and Big Man, on the other hand, have already been referred to with terms modified or conjugated from a definition of gender.

Another point, which may or may not be more coincidental, is that the game’s logo and general color scheme would be similar to non-binary flag. Fans noticed a good use of yellows, purples, whites and blacks.

Comparison between the spread image for Splatoon 3 and the non-binary flag.  (Nintendo Life)Comparison between the spread image for Splatoon 3 and the non-binary flag. (Nintendo Life)Source: Nintendo Life

Again, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything about Shiver’s genre, but the idea has already been well accepted by a large group of gamers.

Splatoon 3 will be officially released on September 9th. Nintendo will make the demo available Splatoon 3: Splatfest World Premiere before that, starting on the 25th of August, and the Slaptfest “public beta” will be available for 12 hours on the 27th.

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