Imagem de: Spotify anuncia Brain Structure, o novo podcast de Hideo Kojima

O Spotify announced today (24) that Brain Structure, your new original podcast in partnership with Hideo Kojima, will be released worldwide on September 8 this year. The program had already been revealed yesterday, during GamesCom, but it was only now made official by the platform.

The podcast of the famous game designer, responsible for titles such as Death Stranding and the Metal Gear Solid series, will be made available free and exclusively on the platform with versions in English and Japanese. The show is expected to introduce audiences to a different version of the creator, revealing “the genius behind Kojima’s ideas and creative thinking” with discussions on his favorite topics such as art, philosophy, games and movies.

The “audio talk show” will also feature the presence of other professionals, such as “the main creators in the field of business, technology and entertainment” and “distinguished opinion makers” in conversations with Kojima on various topics. Who should also be a regular presence at Brain Structure is the game journalist and presenter — and friend of the Japanese game designer — Geoff Keighleywhich will have a special segment on the podcast.

Hideo Kojima to Launch Brain Structure Podcast on SpotifyHideo Kojima will launch the Brain Structure podcast on SpotifySource: Spotify/Disclosure

Talking about his new podcast, Kojima said he wanted to share your thoughts with people around the world and that Spotify would be the ideal platform to achieve the feat. “It’s an ambitious move to release the Japanese and English episodes at the same time, but I look forward to having fun receiving and sharing creative inspiration with listeners around the world,” he said.

The opening theme song for Brain Structure will be composed by Michiharu Shimoda, the Japanese musician responsible for the ending theme for Death Stranding. The first episode of Hideo Kojima’s podcast will be released on September 8, with new episodes always arriving on Thursdays at 9amin both Japanese and English.

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