'Spy Kids': DJ Cotrona, from 'Shazam!'  and 'GI Joe', is cast in the reboot

According to Deadline, one more member has been cast in the already confirmed reboot of ‘Little spies’.

The information indicates that DJ Cotronaknown for his work on works such as ‘Shazam!’, ‘G.I. Joe – Retaliation’, ‘A drink in hell’, will be part of the cast. However, details about his character have not been revealed.

Cotrona joins those previously confirmed Everly Carganilla (‘The Afterparty’) and the newcomer Connor Estersonwho will be the young protagonists.

Zachary Levi (‘Shazam!’) and Gina Rodriguez (‘Jane the Virgin’) will be the children’s parents. Billy Magnussen is also part of the project in an undisclosed role.

Details about Magnussen’s role have not been revealed, but it is believed that he will play the production’s villain.

Robert Rodriguez (‘Sin City’), creator of the original work, returns as writer and director of the new version.

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even if the Netflix has not disclosed anything about the plot, we know that the film will address the adventures of a family with a different culture from the previous one. So far, Netflix has not released the cast of the new story.

In the original productions, Carmen (Alexa PenaVega) and Juni Cortez (Daryl Sabara) were the focus of the story, playing two young protagonists who did not know that their parents, lived by Antonio Banderas and Carla Guginowere secret agents.

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