'Star Trek: Lower Decks': Season 3 of the animation gets a premiere date at Paramount+ Brazil!

THE Paramount+ finally revealed when the 3rd season of the animated series’Star Trek: Lower Decks‘ will arrive in Brazil.

The new cycle debuts on the streaming platform on the day august 26a day after the show in the United States.

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The series was created by Mike McMahan (‘Rick and Morty‘).

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The plot is set in the year 2380. Earth is now part of the United Federation of Planets, a multi-species organization that rules the galaxy. Team Starfleet, the Federation’s exploration and militarism division, operates a series of spaceships that travel across the universe making contact with alien races. Lower Decks follows the adventures of the support team working on one of Starfleet’s less important ships.

The cast has Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Eugene Cordero and Noël Wells.

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