Steam adds support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

In its latest update, the beta client for Steam started to support Joy-Consthe iconic Nintendo Switch controllers.

As a result, players now have the option to use the controls of the hybrid video game from Nintendo in your PC games, even allowing you to choose between different settings. That is, it is possible to choose the way the user prefers to use the Joy-Con — either out of personal preference or to have a more authentic gameplay experience.

In cases of games with simpler controls, requiring only a directional pad and few action buttons, it is possible to use only one Joy-Con. This configuration is ideal for games where the player basically just walks, jumps and shoots, for example. In games with more complex commands, players can also use the pair of Joy-Cons simultaneouslyas just a more traditional controller exactly as seen on the Switch.

Steam users can now use Joy-Cons in their PC gamesSource: Nintendo/Disclosure

With the addition of Joy-Con supportSteam now allows users to use both major Nintendo Switch controller formats, as the platform already supported the Pro Controller since 2018. Not to mention, of course, that there is the possibility of using other controls from the Big N hybrid console.

Last month, a platform launcher update added Support for Switch Online peripherals, Nintendo’s subscription service that offers access to a catalog of classic games from the Japanese manufacturer and partner developers. At the time, Steam started to support the Classic NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive controllers.

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