'Strange Way of Life', Almodóvar's answer to 'Brokeback Mountain', ends its filming

The actor Ethan Hawke reported that the footage of ‘Strange Way of Life‘, new short film by Pedro Almodovar (‘The Skin I Live In’), finished filming. In a post on his Instagram, Hawke broke the news with a photo next to Pedro Pascalwith whom he stars in the project.

“Golden hour is unreal in Spain. [Pedro Pascal] and I are finishing production on #ExtrañaFormadeVida (#AStrangeWayOfLife). It has been a dream to work with Pedro Almodóvar and his wonderful team. Sorry for my spanish. Have a great weekend everyone.” Hawke.

Filming took place in the Taberias Desert, in the Almería region, Spain. Described as “answer to Brokeback Mountain” by Almodovarthis is the filmmaker’s first western.

In the plot, Silva (pascal) crosses the desert on horseback to visit Sheriff Jake (Hawke) after twenty-five years without seeing each other. As they celebrate their reunion, the two relive memories of an old and intimate friendship.

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