Movie with 0% APPROV from critics is the Most Watched on Netflix;  Check out!

Recently, the catalog of the Netflix the comedy series’Mo – which follows the points of view of a Palestinian immigrant who makes the city of Houston, Texas, his new home.

produced by A24 (‘Euphoria’), the series had already been awaited with great anticipation because of the acclaimed history of the producer.

Among critics, the attraction won incredible 100% approval.

Of the 15 reviews published so far on Rotten Tomatoes, all have been positive.

Enjoy watching:

Among the main comments, journalists like the script written by the comedians Ramy Youseff and Mohammed Amer can deliver smiles and tears.

Opposite sensations very well crafted in a plot that deals with social issues in a sharp, funny and often quite moving way.

Check out the reviews:

“’Mo’ it’s the kind of series to make it clear that there’s a big difference between olive oil and ‘real’ hummus and the watered down, westernized versions we’re used to. And if you think this only applies to food, you are missing the point.” – Ready Steady Cut.

“Despite [alguns] small obstacles in the road,’Mo’ remains an innately compelling series, owing in large part to the thrilling dissonance between Mo’s gregariousness and the deep wells of historical pain hidden underneath.” –

“The fans of ramy should not simply expect more of the same, but ‘Mo’ tells a sharp, funny and often quite moving story that more than deserves to be heard.” – The Independent.

“The difference of ‘Mo‘ is that it avoids falling into a shocking denunciation of racism to focus on smaller situations where prejudices are mild and perhaps unintentional, never losing sight of its irony, sarcasm and humor.” – Otroscines.

“’Mo’ is a great new series and a welcome addition to the Netflix, I hope everyone will watch so we can get as many seasons as possible.” – iDobi.

“While some of the situations can border on the absurd, the show also maintains enough grounding to keep it realistic and even relatable when it comes to relationships and family drama.” – Chris Joyce.

Mo Najjar crosses the line between two cultures, three languages ​​and a ton of bullshit as a Palestinian refugee constantly living one step away from asylum on the road to US citizenship. His family – including his resilient and spiritual mother, sister and older brother – flee to Houston, Texas. Laughing at the pain, Mo learns to adapt to his new world, although getting ahead in life comes with several setbacks.

The cast has Mohammed Amer, Teresa Ruiz, Omar Elba, Farah Bsieso, Tobe Nwigwe, Michael Y. Kim and Lee Eddy.

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