Imagem de: Sumeru em Genshin Impact: veja trailer, códigos de resgate e mais

HoYoverse released, this Saturday (13), a trailer dedicated to version 3.0 of Genshin Impact, which stands out for the arrival of the fourth of the seven nations in the game world: Sumeru. The developer describes the update as a giant expansioncomparable to the release of Inazuma in July of last year.

Scheduled for August 24th, Sumeru is known as the Land of Wisdom, where knowledge is managed literally as a resource, and looks to the Middle East for clear inspiration. The region is also represented by the element dendrowhich finally arrives as a new gameplay mechanic.

The region encompasses two major biomes: the tropical florests and the deserts. They feature new exploration mechanisms, which were briefly shown by the developer in recent weeks. However, only the dense forests and their multiple nearby settlements will be available at launch.

Additionally, the story trailer claims that Archon Dendro has been missing for hundreds of years, but her consciousness is somehow connected to the Irmunsul, a glowing tree whose roots descend through the Abyss and connect to the Ley Lines – a network of elemental energy. and memories of the world of Teyvat.

From the looks of it, the Messengers of Fatui, who are the main antagonistic group in the story, are targeting Irmunsul. It is known from in-game dialogue that “a strange group” has recently started working in Sumeru and this may have something to do with them.

New gameplay and characters

Genshin Impact has elemental reactions as its main gameplay mechanic, and the Dendro element finally arrives to add another layer of complexity to combat.

In a press release, HoYoverse explains that Dendro triggers three basic reactions if combined with Pyro (fire), Hydro (water) and Electro (electricity): burns, flowering and catalysisrespectively.

For example, when Dendro comes in contact with Hydro, Bloom’s reaction generates one or more cores that deal explosive elemental damage after a short time. It is possible to deal even more damage if you mix these cores with Pyro or Electro before the explosion, causing germinationto increase Dendro area damage, or super floweringwhich transforms cores into Root Projectiles that pursue nearby enemies.

Naturally, the Dendro will also be heavily used to explore Sumeru, and the Traveler will naturally be able to learn their new skills upon contacting the Statue of Seven.

Tighnari and Collei are the first playable Dendro characters from Genshin Impact.Tighnari and Collei are Genshin Impact’s first playable Dendro characters.

New characters were also announced with their respective timelines. In the first half of the 3.0 update, players will have a chance to recruit the five star archer Tighnarispecializing in Dendro chain reactions, and his apprentice colleia four-star character that can be recruited for free in the new version’s main event. Zonghlithe Archon Geo, will also make a limited-time return.

In the second half, players will be able to recruit the new four-star character dori, who is a specialized Electro support and who wields a Greatsword. She joins the rerun of ganyu and Kokomi sangonomy.

redemption codes

In keeping with tradition, new redemption codes that guarantee a bonus Essential Gems and other rewards have been released to celebrate the announcements. It is worth remembering that they are only available until 11 pm today, August 13th. Check out:


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