'Sunset - Golden Mile': Christine Quinn will not return for the new seasons of the reality show

A model and real estate agent Christine Quinn starred in the first five seasons’Sunset – Golden Mile‘, reality show broadcast by Netflix.

However, she revealed to People magazine that she will not be returning for future episodes of the attraction, which was recently renewed for two more seasons.

Quinn became a landmark for the reality show – which follows the real estate company Oppenheim Groupresponsible for selling the most exclusive luxury homes in Los Angeles.

Since 2019, fans have watched Quinn not only sell unrivaled real estate, but also get involved in dramas with all your co-stars.

In an explosive season 5 conflict, the model Emma Hernan claimed that Quinn bribed a customer with $5,000 to stop working with her, a charge that was denied by Quinn.

“Accusing someone with a criminal offense is not just defamatory – but you can’t pay my lawyers. So it’s not a funny thing to say.” Quinn. “I would never bribe a client. I have never bribed a client. I don’t need to bribe a client, because they will work with me organically.”

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But what would be the real reason behind his departure from the attraction?

In April, Quinn announced that she was leaving Oppenheim Group to devote himself to a new cryptocurrency-based real estate venture together with her husband, Christian Dumontet.

With his contract coming to an end, the future of Quinn in ‘Sunset – Golden Mile‘ was already uncertain, especially after she missed the Season 5 reunion after contracting COVID-19.

In May, she denied rumors that she had falsified her diagnosis in an attempt to avoid arguments with her co-stars.

“I absolutely had COVID. I absolutely got infected,” he said. Quinn during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

At the time, a representative of the businesswoman reinforced that:

“She did not attend the meeting because she is taking precautions to avoid contagion to other people. She is still feeling unwell and is taking all necessary precautions to keep her family safe.”

Plus, it seems she has an interest in having her own series, as she hinted during an interview with The New York Times last month.

Asked about her future in ‘Sunset – Golden Mile‘, she just said:

“Hulu, call me. Let’s negociate.”

Despite being a speech without seriousness, he had already criticized the current reality show, saying that it was the only part of the cast that has what it takes to make a successful show.

“I feel like I was the only one who understood the task. I was the one who said, ‘Hey, this is a show, and I’m going to give the world a show.’ “

Remembering that the filming of the 6th season is scheduled to start in the next few months, during the North American summer.

The streaming service also confirmed that the spin-off ‘Selling the OC‘ will debut in august 24.

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The plot follows the elite realtors of the Oppenheim Group, who sell a life of luxury to the wealthy of Los Angeles. Relationships are crucial, and that’s why they generate strong conflicts.

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