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The Street Fighter franchise is definitely the most expressive name in the history of fighting games. Although the first game, from 1987, was not so successful, it was Street Fighter 2, in 1991, which set the standards of the genre that reverberate to this day and paved the way for the birth of other popular series, such as The King of Fighters. and Mortal Kombat.

Because it is also linked to the competitive environment of arcades, in a context where everything was new, Street Fighter does not escape balance problems and some characters ended up being marked by being much stronger than most. With that in mind, the voxel below are some of the eight stronger characters of Street Fighter history. Check out:


Akuma, known as Gouki in Japan, drew attention from the start with his unexpected appearance in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in 1994. He emerged easily defeating the boss M. Bison, who at the time was already giving players a lot of work. This alone already marked the players and showed the size of the threat that was facing them.

In practice, Akuma follows the archetype of characters known as “shoto”, which includes Ryu and Ken. However, he stands out for being able to shoot aerial projectiles, for his high damage and also for the terrifying pressure with his Demon Flip, especially in the most current games. This move leaves opponents in a guessing situation: he can change the arc of the jump with a downward kick; deliver a punch that knocks the opponent down; or catch in the air.


A practitioner of the fictional martial art Rindoukan Karate, Makoto is a character that marked the franchise with her debut in Street Fighter 3rd Strike in 1999. She is based on the Ikken Hissatsu, a Japanese term used in traditional karate that means “annihilate with just one blow. ” — and that pretty much translates your gameplay.

During matches, Makoto is a constant threat. Although his movement is the slowest in the cast, his dash makes up for it by being not only the fastest, but the one that travels the longest. Add that to her powerful command grab, which opens the guard for a full combo, and high stun potential and you have one of the most menacing fighters in the game. She can literally end the fight with an entry.


One of the most recognizable faces of Street Fighter is also, traditionally, one of the strongest fighters in the series’ history. Chun-Li is known above all for its high-range buttons, which are very intimidating in the so-called neutral game, giving you a lot of positioning advantage against your opponents.

In Street Fighter 3rd Strike, she is considered the strongest fighter for this very reason. It is common to see the character confirming specials with her average kick and leaving opponents in a difficult situation. Early in Street Fighter V’s life, she also struck terror with her aerial kicks, which were very difficult to react to and still gave her an advantage if they were defended.


New to Street Fighter 3: New Generation, Yun is also not far behind on the tier lists and is considered one of the most broken characters in history. He is known for quickly closing the gap between his opponent and applying a lot of pressure, especially with his dive kicks. As if his buttons weren’t scary enough, he even has a command grapple that opens the opponent’s guard for a combo.

However, Yun is particularly famous for his special Gen’ei Jin, which creates figures that replicate each blow executed by the character. This results in extremely long combos that practically turn the opponent into a shuttlecock.


For a long time, Rashid was the dominant force in the competitive Street Fighter V scene. The Arab fighter specializes in wind blows and is known for being very fast, in addition to having very high priority buttons. During fights, he can perform lunges and jumps that no other character in the cast can. Also, he is the only character that can run in the game.

In fighting games, the corner of the screen is arguably the most dangerous place to be, but that’s not a problem for Rashid. Having the ability to wall-jump and change the arc of his jumps, he can easily get out of this situation and turn the match into a cat-and-mouse hunt.


Described as the “future of Street Fighter”, Luke is an all-new fighter who was created for the last season of Street Fighter V DLCs, in 2021, and who already has a confirmed presence in Street Fighter 6. When it was released, the American was considered a perfect character capable of controlling space with his spells, which are incredibly fast; apply precise anti-air with your Rising Rocket; and easily punish because his buttons always projected him forward.

The result could not be different: Luke started to appear in every tournament and many professional players migrated to the character, which left the community very unhappy with the balance of the game at the time. Today, Luke is already a fairer character, but he’s definitely still above average.

M. Bison

Of course, the boss could not be missing. Bison is a staple of virtually every Street Fighter and his arsenal of moves is immoral. In Street Fighter V, Bison’s dash is literally a teleportation that makes the character intangible for a brief period, and this can make him go through buttons and even spells at the right moment. He is also known for having moves that give him a huge advantage when defended, not giving his opponent much room to contest his pressure.

As if that wasn’t enough, Demon Reverse is a blow that comes from the deepest nightmares. From any corner of the screen, Bison can jump over the opponent’s head and come back with an aerial punch that knocks them down. The problem is that he can change the arc of this jump freely and can even fish an anti-air with it, guaranteeing a punishment. He’s definitely a character that requires a lot of patience.

Evil Ryu

To close the list, there is no better choice than Evil Ryu. As the name suggests, this version of the series’ protagonist was dominated by the evil Satsui no Hadou, a dark energy that is utilized by Akuma. For anyone who plays The King of Fighters, it’s safe to say that it’s an equivalent of Orochi’s power.

One of Evil Ryu’s most iconic appearances was in Ultra Street Fighter IV, when the character was used by Daigo Umehara in competitive. It basically improves everything from normal Ryu and even adds new moves that allow for very high damage combos and even guessing situations, forcing the opponent to defend standing or crouching.

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