The Devil in Me is inspired by Saw and famous serial killer

since the launch of until dawn In 2015, Supermassive Games has been delivering haunting interactive storytelling adventures for horror fans, with The Dark Pictures Anthology taking us on spooky journeys through ghost ships, witch trials and ancient Sumerian temples that should never have been found.

And in November of this year, The devil in me is coming as the fourth game and the end of the first season of this anthology, and we here at Voxel were able to check out in advance a video with Tom Heaton – the title’s director – telling more details about the game, such as its inspirations, characters and new features and mechanics. Were you curious? Then check it out below!

Based on real facts

According to Heaton, the development of all chapters of Dark Pictures are always inspired by myths and historical moments, as a touch of reality always helps to make the plots more believable and frightening.

Source: Supermassive Games

And this time the inspiration is beyond dark, with The Devil in Me based on Herman Webster Mudgett, better known as HH Holmesa notorious 19th-century American murderer who was convicted of the murder of 27 people, but whose body count could be much higher.

Known as the first serial killer in the United States, Holmes lured his victims to his hotel, an elegant and charming building made by several different companies so that no one would know exactly what its blueprint looked like, and full of traps, windowless rooms and doors that opened onto the brick wall, and then killed them inside this death trap.

In his confession, the man stated “I was born with the devil in me. I couldn’t help the fact that I was a murderer, any more than the poet can’t help but be inspired to sing”, and it is from this phrase that the name of the new game comes. of the anthology.

The price of success can be too high

the story in The Devil in Me will revolve around the small team at Lone Entertainment, which is making a documentary series called Architects of Murder, featuring several famous American serial killers and whose final episode will be about Holmes.

To secure a second season for the show, the team needs the finale to be spectacular, but with so much work already done based on HH’s life and murders, they find themselves running out of ideas and new content to explore, as well as a budget that’s almost gone. ending.

Source: Supermassive Games

And it is then that luck seems to smile on the group, when a wealthy architect and collector calls the director offering the chance to visit an old hotel he inherited from a relative obsessed with serial killers, and whose macabre construction presents faithful reproductions of the environments. created by Holmes in his lethal building.

As no one can ever see the inside of the famous assassin’s building, the crew is extremely excited by the invitation, believing that this is exactly what they needed for their filming, and then departing for a remote island where the hotel is located and leaving behind their cell phones as a way of maintaining confidentiality.

However, this proves to be a decision they will bitterly regret, as once at the site, strange things begin to happen, and separated and frightened, they soon feel they are being watched and the recreation they are visiting may be more accurate than imagined.

Source: Supermassive Games

In addition to being based on HH Holmes, the plot of this new The Dark Pictures Anthology also sought inspiration from famous names in the horror cinematic universe, such as the Deadly Games and even The illuminatedwhich is Tom Heaton’s favorite movie.

The setting of the sets features many details that refer to the 1890s, showing how scary hotels can be when the lights go out and you find yourself alone in corridors that seem endless.

Survivors of a Nightmare

Source: Supermassive Games

According to the director, we will see interesting protagonists with strong personalities, each with their own qualities and defects, being possible to identify and like each one of them and still perceive the characteristics that need to improve. The characters of this haunting adventure will be:

Charlie Lonnit – The British owner of Lonnit Entertainment and director of the documentary. Due to his passion for his work and extreme focus on getting the content needed for his project, he can become a difficult person with a bad temper at times.

Kate Wilder – Played by actress Jessie Buckley, she is the show’s host. Despite being introverted and lacking in confidence, she is a woman determined to do the right thing.

Mark Nestor – The team’s cameraman and Kate’s ex-boyfriend, clearly there is still tension between the couple.

Jamie Tiergan – Responsible for lighting and other appliances. He is the sarcastic figure of the group.

Erin Keenan – An intern who dreams of working taking care of the audio, but ends up being used by Charlie to perform various tasks in the documentary.

Source: Supermassive Games

The survival of this group of ordinary and imperfect people will be completely in the player’s hands. Will they be able to overcome the rivalries and nitpicking that can arise in a work environment and overcome this delusion, or will they be the victims of a genius serial killer who regards each of his murders as a work of art?

As always, every choice will have consequences, and each one of them could lead to the end of one of the protagonists’ life, with deaths more bloodthirsty and extravagant than in any other video game. The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Gameplay enhancements

The grand finale of the first season of this anthology will bring significant improvements to the gameplay, with new exploration actions such as climbing, jumping, pushing and pulling objects, squeezing through tight spaces and sneaking along narrow edges to access areas that were previously unexplorable.

Source: Supermassive Games

In addition, it will also be possible to run and hide in dangerous moments, all as a way to enrich the experience offered by The Devil in Meproviding a completely new experience without departing from the formula fans of the anthology know and love so much.

Another novelty is the addition of a simple inventory, with tools that help the protagonists survive this nightmare. The interesting thing is that each one will have its own item directly linked to its function, such as Marc’s camera, which serves to collect evidence of crimes that are being discovered inside the hotel; and Erin’s directional microphone, which she can hear through walls.

The Devil in Me

Some of these special items can be altered, broken, given to other characters and even lost, and their use will directly affect the narrative, potentially saving lives or leading to death.

Inspired by Holmes, the puzzles will be an extremely important part of the game, bringing hidden codes disguised by the scenarios and many mazes, all to confuse and perplex players, who will need to pay close attention to find the necessary answers, because otherwise, the result can be fatal.

And to top it off, Heaton also explained that this will be the longest title in The Dark Pictures Anthology, with around seven hours in a terrifying journey through this hotel and its macabre killer.

The Devil in Me will be released on November 18 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

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