The end of HBO Max?  Rumors indicate that Warner should TERMINATE the service

Surprisingly, in the last few hours there have been some rumors that are stopping the internet, claiming that HBO Max will cease to exist and will join Discovery in a joint service.

Insider Grace Randolph stated that the new streaming service will combine all Warner Bros. with Discovery. And it won’t have the brand “HBO” in the name, or even “Discovery“. The content produced on HBO Max will go to HBO.

According to the new information, the announcement would be made as early as this Thursday, August 4th. This would certainly bring a flurry of criticism to the new commanders of the companies. And a lot of this is due to the fact that it removes perhaps the biggest streaming of today, next to the Netflix.

However, it is important to point out that since the news of the cancellation of a practically ready film, the ‘batgirl‘, and more than 80 million dollars thrown away, it seems to me that the crisis is beginning to set in the company. This is all on the cusp of the premiere of one of the biggest series ever produced for streaming, ‘The Dragon’s House‘.

On Twitter, several negative comments are already taking over social networks. One of them, very ironically, commented that Warner should do a company-wide reboot, and someone ended up replying: “Technically, they’re already doing that”.

But will all of this really be true, the HBO Max will even cease to exist, and will migrate to another platform along with Discovery? Soon we will release more information.

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