'The Exorcism of My Best Friend': Amazon's HORROR Comedy Gets Official Poster;  Check out!

THE Amazon Prime Video released the official poster for ‘The Exorcism of My Best Friend‘ (My Best Friend’s Exorcism), a horror-comedy coming to the platform in 30th of September.

Check it out, along with the trailer:

Enjoy watching:

During the fall of 1988, two friends since fourth grade, Abby and Gretchen, sophomores in high school, have their fates changed after a night of diving goes disastrously wrong. Gretchen is missing for an entire night and comes back weird, grumpy, irritated, with marks on her face, weird eyes, and in the same clothes.

Her friend Abby decides to start an investigation that leads her to some surprising and terrifying discoveries. Now, Abby and Gretchen’s fate will be determined by a single question: is their friendship strong enough to defeat the devil?

The feature will be based on the homonymous book written by Grady Hendrix.

Chris Lowell (‘Glow’), Elsie Fisher (‘Eighth grade’), Amiah Miller (‘Planet of the Apes: The War’), Cathy Ang and Rachel Ogechi Kanu star.

Damon Thomasknown for his work on ‘Killing Eve‘ and ‘Penny Dreadful‘, will be responsible for the direction, from a script of Jenna Lamia.

Christopher Landondirector of ‘Death Gives You Congratulations‘, produces.

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