The Horror Movies That Killed the Wrong Characters

Throughout the history of cinema, the genres of horror, suspense, fantasy and science fiction have given us great characters in dramaturgy – driven by such efficient performances by their interpreters that they will be forever registered in the memories of moviegoers. There are still those who become cult characters, within films revered by a smaller group of fans, but who also arouse the passion of their specific audience.

On the other hand, to balance the universe, not everything is flowers. There are some decisions by artists, often even seasoned in their roles, which result in creations, shall we say, controversial at the very least. These decisions are intensely debated by fans, arguing that it would have been better to follow a different path. Here we will address a specific one: the death of the wrong character. That is, the times the directors decided to kill off a character we had grown very fond of, choosing to shine a light on a less interesting character as a survivor.

Many will argue that this is life, but if there is one place where life can be thwarted and changed, it is without a doubt in the cinema. The seventh art does not always have to reflect reality. Could be better. Thus, giving the public what they want is not synonymous with something bad. It’s catharsis. With that in mind, in this new article we will point out some genre films that ended up eliminating characters that we would have liked to see reaching the conclusion of the plot, consequently elevating less charismatic characters to the spotlight. Check it out below and comment. Oh yes. The text below contains movie spoilers, so skip the ones you haven’t watched and don’t want to know plot details.

Beloved Slasher of the generation that grew up in the 90s / early 2000s, the thriller about four young people keeping a deadly secret will become a series on Amazon Prime Video. The original version, released in 1997, was the first film to ride the wave of the revival of the teen horror subgenre brought by Panic (1996). And that even before the continuation of the aforementioned film – released in the same year as this one. One of the highlights was to feature two young rising TV stars as protagonists: Sarah Michelle Gellar (in buffy) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (then in poster with the series Party of Five).

What most fans tend to agree, however, is that who should be the protagonist of this story becoming the “final girl” (the survivor) was Helen from gellar. The long scene that results in the character’s death (which starts with the death of her boyfriend in the beauty pageant at a theater, heads to the cop’s car, moves on to her family’s department store – with the death of her sister). – and culminates in an alley where the character is finally murdered) is one of the most emblematic of the genre. We really hope she stays alive. On the contrary, who survives in the denouement, going on to star in the sequel, is the bland Julie de Hewitt.

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the franchise resident Evil in cinema has always aroused both the passion on the part of some fans and the hatred of others. Detractors accuse films starring Milla Jovovich having nothing to do with the famous games on which they are based. And in that they are right. Those who like it, can see beyond this obstacle, believing that they are two different things, in different universes. Anyway, in the first film of 2002, we are introduced to Alice from Jovovicha mysterious character that did not appear in the games.

From a forgotten victim, she is empowered to take the reins as the protagonist of the franchise, becoming a very bad ass character. However, many think that the one who should have been the protagonist of the first feature was the badass Rain Michelle Rodriguez. Because she is a trained military, she, although she also didn’t exist in the games, is more in the style of the armed protagonists that we see throughout the video game series.


The premiere of today’s prestigious David Fincher in cinema is without a doubt the most controversial film of his career and he could have ended it before it even started – that’s what he says. The main complaint here is in relation to the script, which Fincher had no participation. In the last episode, Aliens – Rescue (1986), James Cameron created a film that many judge superior to the original Alien – The Eighth Passenger (1979). That’s because Cameron creates one of the most charismatic groups of characters for a feature of the genre, and in the end, four of them remain alive to have their stories continued.

In addition to the protagonist Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), the one that stands out the most is the girl Newt (Carrie Henn), whom the heroine protects like a daughter. And what happens in Alien³ before the movie even starts? Newt starts the movie dead along with the other previous survivors. This is what I call a cold shower right in the opening credits. But that’s not all, the best characters from this third film are dropped as well, like Dillon (Charles S. Dutton) and even Ripley, who kills herself at the end. This to have as a survivor Morse (Danny Webb), one of the film’s many nearly indistinguishable bald prisoners.

The director’s fans Zack Snyder had was reason to celebrate in 2021. First, the filmmaker had his vision of Justice League finally served by Warner after the #releasethesnydercut movement, which became one of the flagships for the boost of HBO Max streaming. Then, in partnership with Netflix, Snyder launched one of the biggest hits of the year with army of the dead. Initially sold as his return to terror, and to the origins of Dawn of the Dead (2004), we soon realized that the new film was actually a super production of heist and action, which had very little horror, fear and scares.

In any case, the film about a group of mercenaries armed to the teeth needing to infiltrate a Las Vegas dominated by the undead in order to steal a safe was one of the decoys of the beginning of 2021 and generated a spin-off and an animation. In the midst of several curious characters, among them the protagonist Scott, from Dave Bautista, the choice of survivor in the movie is pretty obvious and bland. We got off to a bad start when one of the film’s best characters, the tough Chambers (Samantha Win), for whom we were rooting, is only halfway through the film. The only one to come out of the experiment alive is Kate (Ella Purnell), the complaining daughter of Scott, who lives with him the routine “draminha” of father and daughter. Kate constantly risks the lives of her colleagues with dubious decisions and is one of those characters that would do everyone good if she left the scene quickly.

Halloween 6: The Last Vengeance

This one maybe only hardcore fans of the franchise remember. Halloween Kills: The Terror Continues arrives this year following the successful 2018 reboot and promising to take the new trilogy to incendiary levels. However, going back in time to the origin of the Michael Myers saga, after a promising start, the franchise fell into common place after the third copy, with the return of the white masked maniac in the late 1980s. Here we have a very late sixth part, no less than six years after the hook that was left in the fifth. Considered the most problematic episode of the series in cinema, the sixth halloween marked the star’s big screen debut Paul RuddO Ant Man from Marvel.

Despite being a charismatic actor, in his debut Rudd he didn’t have much to do in horror and would show his talent only in the next works. He lives the protagonist, a bland guy who only served to highlight a male survivor in the franchise for the first time. What many fans complained about and were disappointed with was the outcome given to little Jamie, the maniac’s niece, lived by Danielle Harris in the fourth and fifth part. In this sixth, in addition to recasting the role with the actress JC Brandy, kill her in the opening scene – always a bad decision for beloved characters in movies. She should have been the protagonist here.

Friday the 13th – Part 3

Now we go back in time to 1982. The franchise Friday 13 is one of the most iconic not only of the slasher but also of the horror itself, much remembered both for its emblematic title associated with the day of bad luck, and for the masked psychopath that the star: Jason. The first two films in the franchise gave us leading ladies who entered the hall of the best “final girls” in history. In the first, from 1980, it is Alice, from Adrianne Kingwho manages to defeat Jason’s unhinged mother and win our hearts.

In a controversial decision, which had more to do with behind the scenes than a creative proposal, Alice becomes the first victim of the second film, from 1981 (which turns 40 in 2021). And we just weren’t pissed off anymore because the sequel redeemed itself by introducing Ginny (Amy Steel), an even better heroine. She would come back in part three though, steel I didn’t want to star anymore. The solution was to bet on Chris (Dana Kimmell) as the new lady to defeat the villain.

Remarkable for being the first film where Jason takes his iconic hockey mask, in addition to using 3D effects, what everyone seems to agree is that Chris does not maintain the quality of protagonists that were being created. On the contrary, what is currently emerging with force on the internet is a movement that emphasizes that the real protagonists of the film should have been the unlikely couple of the chubby prankster Shelley (Larry Zerner) and hot-blooded Latina Vera (Catherine Parks), which would have been a nice differential in the franchise in terms of racial representation as well.

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