Imagem de: The Last of Us Part I: vídeo mostra comparações com o jogo original

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer of The Last of Us Part I.

In addition to compare the remake with the first version released for PlayStation 3, the video shows a little more about what we can expect from this reimagining, with comments from the developers. The trailer also showcases several of the improvements made to this new version of the game while, in a way, continuing to honor the legacy of the original title.

Below you can see the video “The Last of Us Part I rebuilt for PS5 — Honoring the Original“:

As seen in the commented trailer, the folks at Naughty have been focusing not only on the remake’s graphics, but they’ve also been working on ways to improve artificial intelligence of the characters. According to them, the idea is to make “the best possible version of the game“.

If you’ve been hiding in a cave for the past few months and don’t know what it’s about, The Last of Us Part I It’s a remake of the first game of the series, which introduced us to the duo Joel and Ellie — who will soon star in a series on HBO. According to the development team, this new version was “made from scratch” for the PS5, redoing basically everything except the motion capture and voice acting from the original 2013 release.

The Last of Us Part I is scheduled for release today September 2 this year for PlayStation 5. A PC version is also in production and is expected to arrive at a future date, not yet set.

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