The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power |  Who is Adar, the mysterious character of the 3rd episode?

Caution: lots of spoilers ahead.

In recent days, the Prime Video released the 3rd episode of the series ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’which, despite having stumbled here and there, helped to develop the narrative line of most of the characters – including the presentation of a new antagonist that should be essential for the events of the season.

For those who have already watched it, one of the main plotlines outlined in the chapter involved Arondir’s attempt to escape (Ismael Cruz Cordova) after being captured by the orcs to work as a slave. Arondir, along with his fellow elves who were also kidnapped, use the orcs’ weaknesses to create an escape plan – something that, as we realized just before the end, was not very successful and culminated in the death of several characters. However, instead of being murdered by the hideous creatures, Arondir is kept alive and taken to a mysterious character known as Adar – whose name is borrowed from the iteration’s title.

Contrary to what we might imagine, Adar does not belong to the canon of novels signed by JRR Tolkien, having been created especially for the show. Although few details have been revealed, it is known that Adar is a villainous character who rises as the leader of the Orcs and who must pose as one of the great threats of the narrative alongside Sauron and the dark forces that rise in Middle-earth. .

Countless theories about Adar have started to surface on social media, from his origins to who he is actually supposed to represent in the series. While the answers should arrive next week, it’s always interesting to analyze the theories and try to come to a consensus on who he really is.

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Although it has not fully appeared, it is possible to see that the characterization of Adar differs from that of the other orcs and has similarities with the elves – which makes sense, considering Tolkien’s mythology. After all, as we can see in ‘The Silmarillion’one of the works used for the composition of the series, the orcs are elves of the East, also known as Avari, who were enslaved, tortured and created by the powerful and deadly Morgoth (who has already been mentioned several times in ‘The Rings of Power’), although several origin stories have been signed to justify the orcs’ existence.

Another element that may explain the backstory of Adar is the etymology of its name itself: if we take the dictionary of Sindarin, one of several artificial languages ​​created by Tolkien, adar means father. Considering that the antagonist is the leader of the orcs, nothing is more obvious than his minions seeing him in a paternal and protective image (even if this relationship is quite distorted); however, that doesn’t stop Adar from actually being someone’s father – and, as we all know, there’s a character whose father isn’t present.

In the first and second episodes, we were introduced to Bronwyn (Nazanin Boniadi), one of the few humans to have a relationship of respect and friendship with Arondir, and the young Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin), both living in the Southern Lands. The two became targets of an attack by the orcs, who probably wanted to capture them to work on the construction of the tunnels, but managed to escape before a more solid onslaught. Considering that Theo’s father can’t be seen anywhere, nothing prevents Adar from being Theo’s father, corrupted by dark desires that made him one of the heralds of Morgoth and Sauron – and that would help explain Theo’s motive. having found the mysterious sword and having established a connection with the dangerous object.

In a more distant sense, Adar may have a connection with one of several masks worn by Sauron – Annatar, the Lord of Gifts, who deceived the Elves of Eregion and guided them to create the Rings of Power (which, as we know, is the main Prime Video series motto). Adar may premeditate Sauron’s appearance as Annatar or even serve as a vessel for the Dark Lord’s insurgency.

Is that you? Who do you think could be Adar?

Remembering that the next episode will be shown on the day September 16.

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