The Most Expected Movies of August 2022 in CINEMAS!

Half the year is already behind us. We now enter the eighth month of 2022, and the second of part two of the year. But don’t think that the best that cinema had to offer has passed. None of that. For starters, the second semester is the part that holds the most praised premieres of each year, with more serious and adult films, and which almost always end up falling during the awards season. Not only that, the big studios have long seen an advantage in releasing some of their biggest products in the second half of the year. With 2022 it will be no different, as it will bring the premieres of blockbusters such as black adam, Shazam 2, avatar 2 and black panther 2. This, however, is only for the next few months. In August we will have the new super production of the star Brad Pitt action packed, Idris Elba facing a lion to save his little daughters, the new comedy by Fábio Porchat and Dani Pepperonione of the most controversial and praised horror films of the year, and also the director’s new blockbuster Jordan Peele. That is, there will be no shortage of great premieres. Check it out below and sign up.

August starts hot with the star’s new movie Brad Pitt. The actor has not released a feature since 2019 when he starred in the fiction Ad Astra, and now he ventures into the realm of action, in this work that adapts a Japanese book. Driven by the adrenaline expert David Leitch (who has been a stuntman in the past), the plot takes place entirely inside a bullet train, when several professional assassins are hired for a job and unintentionally discover it in the worst possible way inside the ultra-fast vehicle. The production has a large cast of names such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Michael Shannon, Brian Tyree Henry, Logan Lerman, Zazie Beetz, Karen Fukuhara and even Sandra Bullock.

On the same weekend facing heavy competition from Sony’s blockbuster, Brazilian comedians Fábio Porchat and Dani Pepperoni they put “their block on the street”, or rather, “their film in the cinemas”. The feature will be the request for those who opt for laughter instead of action, with a comedy the way Brazilians like it. In the plot, Porchat lives a guy with a monotonous life without many prospects, who ends up being fired from his job and getting dumped by his fiancée. At rock bottom, he decides to go to Rio de Janeiro and ends up assuming the identity of a motivational speaker. Your “new job” will save your life.

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The second weekend of August will be headlined by the talented Idris Elba, which stars in this action thriller from Universal Pictures. In the plot, he plays the father of two teenagers, who decides to take them to discover their African roots in the savannah. On site, however, they will live a real nightmare when they become the target of a murderous lion – and now he will need to fight with all his strength to save himself and his daughters. A full plate for those who enjoy an extra dose of adrenaline at the movies.

X – The Mark of Death

This was one of the most talked about horror movies of the first half of 2022. X it was released in March in most parts of the world and it took a long time to finally be brought to Brazil by Playarte. Many have already been able to check out the feature, which has been talked about and received numerous accolades. In the plot, a film crew decides to make a porn movie in the remote location of a farm in order to not be disturbed. However, they will soon need to forget about the film and avoid death, when the place is not so peaceful. This is the chance for everyone who hasn’t watched the horror yet to be able to check it out on the big screen, and those who have seen it and liked it, repeat it now in theaters.

Another national comedy that hits theaters in August, this one with a content aimed at the whole family. The big Lázaro Ramos recently released its movie in theaters Provisional Measure, which drew a lot of attention. Now Lázaro forgets about directing and focuses on the leading role of this feature that talks about the difficulties and learning of fatherhood. He plays Tom, a married guy who, along with his wife, gets the first row. The problem is that at first the subject is not so willing to give up his previous life, and will have to learn in stride how to be a father. the muse Paola Oliveira plays his wife.

The second weekend of August brings yet another horror movie, to leave aficionados euphoric in theaters. This one is a release by Paris Filmes and it has the blonde Teresa Palmer (When the Lights Go Out) as the protagonist. She lives a mother of a family, who moves with her husband to the city where he grew up after the death of one of her twins. The fresh start soon turns into a nightmare when his other son seems to become the target of evil forces in the place, while keeping his own dark secrets.

We started the third weekend of August with another national production. Eriberto Leão is who stars in this fun dramatic comedy about a successful writer of the past, who is in a crisis of writer’s block. That’s when he decides to appropriate someone else’s story and use it as material for his new book, which ends up being a big hit. Add to that a criminal and beautiful, deadly women in his life. Completing the list, Luana Piovani and Mary flower.

Another national production, this film starring Tony Ramos and Cassio Gabus Mendes it was postponed from June by the distributor Paris Filmes and now opens in our theaters in August. Dramatic comedy starring a trio of heavyweights from our dramaturgy. Tony Ramos he is the head of Pedro, owner of a canteen with more than 50 years of operation, sunk in debt. He meets childhood friends lived by Gabus Mendes and ary franceand together they remember the past and a happier time, while Pedro plans his own death.

Another film postponed from June to August, this one is distributed by A2 Filmes, and is about the new work of the prestigious Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimoufrom the classic red lanterns (1991). Here he dabbles in the espionage genre for a plot set in the 1930s, about a group of communist special agents, returning from a mission and embarking on another that will prove fatal, when they discover that one of their colleagues may be a traitor, putting everything to waste.

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The last weekend of August will be closed with a golden key. Turns out this is the premiere date of the director’s newest work Jordan Peele (in Run! and We). In a short time, the filmmaker managed to take on a niche for himself: that of horror films with a strong social impact. peel gives voice and prioritizes black stories. And his latest film is no different. It delves into the universe of fiction, featuring an alien invasion unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The protagonists are Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer – who play brothers who own a horse ranch, witnessing the most bizarre events on their property.

with script by Guel Arraes and direction of his son-in-law – the actor Gaius Blat -, the debate promises to be talked about, following the line of fierce social criticism, using science fiction and the future as analogies for what we live today. as well as the important Provisional Measurein Lázaro Ramos, this new production promises to put the finger on the Brazilian’s wound. The film discusses the role of the media in times of polarization and political differences that seem irreversible. Faced with this scenario in the future, a new variant of a virus promises to wreak havoc on the population, and a political debate could be crucial for the country’s fate and the saving of countless lives. Any resemblance to real life is not purely coincidental. Deborah Bloch and Paulo Betti star as a couple of journalists in front of an important news program.

The school vacation month is over, but that doesn’t mean that the little ones will be orphaned by a product aimed at them in August. This animation from Paramount Pictures follows the same path of success Kung Fu Panda, this time featuring a down-on-his-luck hound learning to fight to save a city of cats, rather than an overweight panda. Who dubs the Portuguese version is Deborah Seccothe veteran Ary Fontoura and the feeling Paulo Vieirawhich gives voice to the protagonist Hank.

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