'The Predator': Concept art compares the look of the new Predator to previous films

According to data from Neilsen Charts, the acclaimed ‘The Predator: The Hunt‘ has already been watched by more than 1 billion minutes on the streaming service hulu.

The film had recorded 585 million minutes during the first three days since its release – making it the biggest debut in the platform’s history.

The new data points out that the production added 480 million minutes recorded, remaining in fourth place of the most watched movies in streaming – behind only ‘Uncharted: Off the Map‘ (1.1 billion minutes), ‘double journey‘ (982 million minutes) and ‘lightyear‘ (700 million minutes).

With success, the director Dan Trachtenberg already commented on a possible sequel: “The nerd inside me thought about the future [da franquia] before I even started writing this movie, but the adult in me said, ‘Be careful. Try to make the best movie possible’. The end credits aside, it’s interesting to be able to see a movie that isn’t intended to be just the first part of something bigger. It’s nice to do something complete. On the other hand, I love that the end credits of our movie would normally serve as a post-credits scene. There is a narrative in our credits.”

In the end credits of the film, we see three Predator ships landing on Earth – which may indicate Naru’s next adventure (Amber Midthunder).

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Set in the world of the Comanche Nation in the early 1700s, “The Predator: The Hunt” is the untold story of a highly skilled young warrior desperate to protect her people from impending danger. She pursues and ultimately confronts her prey, which turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technologically advanced arsenal, resulting in a brutal and terrifying showdown between the adversaries.

Dan Trachtenberg (’10 Cloverfield Street’) is in charge of directing.

The sequel is the fifth chapter of the saga, which was officially released in 1987 and which also featured two crossover derivatives with ‘alien‘.

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