The Promises of Successful Franchisees of the Last 2 Years!

Success movie sequels have always been part of the repertoire of Hollywood and cinema in general around the world, even here in Brazil. But never before has the buzzword “build a franchise” been as strong as it is in today’s industry. In the past, George Lucas created a real empire simply by launching the first Star Wars in 1977. Today, as we know, Marvel owns the tutorial on how to make rivers of money with its interconnected productions, which still have their own franchises within the universe created by the studio. Of course, this is an extreme case, and there’s no need to go that far, after all, what’s minimally expected by each of the major studios in the movie mecca is that their films do well enough at the box office to get the ball rolling for the first sequence. And so, the flow can be followed with the idea taking on a life of its own in new ways. The expectation of each of the major studios is that their entertainment films will be popular with the general public – the sequel could be a consequence of this success. But believe me, it is expected. It’s hard to see a pop hit that refuses to expand its universe and double its profits these days.

Potential franchises are around every corner in Hollywood, just waiting for their place in the sun – read to be bought by fans. Not everyone can, obviously. To emphasize our point, we’ll just focus on the last two years since the world stopped – better known as 2020. Since then we’ve had a lot of quality movies, and a lot of entertainment-oriented products that have actually done well, and have managed to play. the hearts of their target audience, who attended and made them a success. So naturally they have already turned into franchises. Here, we will address some of the most recent phenomena or successful films that have already had their sequels confirmed – or will confirm them very soon – and that should become the new franchise on the block, moving on to their third, fourth and who knows, fifth films. Check out these lucky movies below.

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We start the list with one of Hollywood’s biggest recent hits. The all-new Batman movie, starring Robert Pattinson, was released this same year and was so successful, becoming a phenomenon at the beginning of the year, that it has already secured the green light for the sequel (or almost since it has not been officially announced by Warner yet, but does anyone doubt it?). The idea here is for a reboot of the franchise, featuring the early years of a young Bruce Wayne as Batman. It is true that the proposal had already been put into practice with Batman Begins (2005), but this is the youngest Batman we’ve ever seen on the big screen. Other than that, the director Matt Reeves guaranteed a film of high censorship, heavy bar, more in the mood of thrillers like seven and Zodiac, emphasizing the detective side of the masked hero, never before presented in this cinematic form. That was definitely a unique approach to the character’s universe.

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when we talk about sonic, we are talking about another unique case of recent cinema. Nobody gave two cents for a super fast blue hedgehog movie that was born on the screens of electronic games in the 1990s. Woodpecker (2017). But things got even worse, as when they showed the first trailer for the film, a flood of negativity surrounded the project, with fans fervently complaining about the hideous look that the character received in its design. The “ugly” Sonic became a meme and remains a joke to this day, two years later, being satirized by Disney in the recent film by Disney. Chip ‘n Dale. But the filmmakers listened to the audience, rushed to change the look of the protagonist, and at 45 minutes into the second half delivered the film that the fans wanted. Well, at least Sonic with the look that everyone wanted. Which was enough for fans to feel important and embrace the project. In this case, a “detail” made all the difference, as the content of the film probably remained the same. So, a sequel came galloping and debuted this year, with a third part already guaranteed. With all that, we can say that sonic It’s already the most beloved video game adaptation of cinema.

Now comes a Netflix original production on the list. And one that has been talked about since its announcement. What Netflix did was release not one, but three movies every week during the month of July. So fans could check out the entire trilogy in the span of three weeks. Fear Street is based on the author’s books RL Stinefamous American novelist responsible for creating works of juvenile horror, best known for the Goosebumps series – which has already had a TV show and two films in the style of super productions. Fear Street is also a series of books, and its first trilogy on screen did not spare the blood and violence, being a slasher worthy of productions like Panic, for example. The success of this trilogy has already guaranteed new films of the title on the platform, which we will see very soon.

the author’s work Frank Herbert finally had an adaptation to the height it deserved on the big screen. Regarded as one of the most difficult science fiction literary sagas to be transposed to cinema, due to its meticulous technical details narrated in the story, the cult filmmaker David Lynch tried his luck and took on the thankless endeavor, in an ignored super production from 1984 – but which soon after resurfaced as a cult item. Lynch I didn’t want to hear about the film anymore, such was the resentment with the result. However, many years later, Warner found itself in possession of the rights and cast a director who was surfing the crest of the wave in his career, the French-Canadian Denis Villeneuve – who had even bathed his feet in science fiction in his latest works (The arrival and Blade Runner 2049) and received numerous praise for the result. Despite the pandemic, the new Dune got a good result, and cleverly Warner and Villeneuve split the film in two, with the second promised for 2023. Other than that, it’s producing the film’s spin-off series, Dune: The Sisterhood. That is, we will hear a lot more about this universe soon.

Disney has long recreated the live-action of its classic animations. One of the first was 101 Dalmatians (1996), with a clear performance of Glenn Close as the villain Cruella DeVil. Instead of just taking a xerox copy of their animations, some of these productions opt for a more creative path and subvert the concept of their originals. One of the most popular in this sense was maleficent (2014), who instead of just reproducing Sleeping Beauty (1959) in the flesh, was privileged to be one of the muse’s favorite films Angelina Joliewho soon rushed to take on the role of the title’s villain and put the story’s focus on her. maleficent still won a sequel in 2019, and following in the wake, Disney decided to focus on another of its biggest villains in animation, the same Cruella from 101 Dalmatians. The proposal, however, was for an origin film for the character in her youth. And for that, the Oscar winner was hired Emma Stone. What surprised everyone was the quality and anarchic tone that the film would gain at the hands of the director of me, Tonya (2017) – what did it do Cruella (2021) be compared to the film by joker (2019). So, with such success, you can be sure that we will see the character again in the skin of Stone, with a sequel already confirmed.

With eternal Marvel’s goal was to elevate characters from the second tier of its collection to the first team, as the studio had successfully achieved in the case of Guardians of the Galaxy. But unlike the comic and dancing film by James Gunnthe footprint with eternal proposed by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao it was more dramatic, contemplative and poetic – bringing “art cinema” to superhero movies so to speak. This caused a huge divide among fans of the genre, with most not digesting the film’s tone very well. Add to that the boycott carried out by those who still oppose the representation of minorities in mainstream overproductions (yes, such intolerance exists). The curious thing is that the film pleased more those who are saturated with the massification of this type of film and those who are more open-minded in relation to a more alternative cinema. With all this mixture polarized in the acceptance of eternal, Marvel was expected to leave the project alone. But that’s not what the studio did, touting a sequel that should happen in the next few years – thus ensuring its own franchise for the characters.

It is very interesting to note the movement that the mass audience makes, like a wave in the sea. It’s not clear what fans will accept and what they will reject. It is a phenomenon that deserves to be studied, but which undoubtedly cannot be predicted. When certain movies seem to have everything in place to become the world’s new hit, the general public simply shrugs it off and that movie ends up being overlooked. On the other hand, many productions that no one in their right mind would give two cents, end up embraced by the general public as if they were the last cookie in the package. That was the case with Godzilla vs. kong, a movie that a total of zero people cared about, but which was elevated to the level of extreme hype, infecting more and more people through social media when its trailer was released. It was just talked about. Before that, two films from Godzilla had been released within this franchise, in 2014 and 2019, and a King Kong movie, in 2017. These films were even moderately successful, but no one could have predicted that the meeting of the titans would give so much to talk about. The fact, of course, guaranteed Warner a great success in hand – which should be repeated with the sequel, is what the filmmakers hope.

Sony finally managed to revitalize the franchise Ghostbuster as intended, concluding more than three decades later the long-awaited third film in the franchise. After the at least lukewarm reception of the second 1989 film, the phenomenon The ghost hunters was placed in the refrigerator. A third part was planned for decades, until the studio finally relented in a reboot, in a film starring four women in the lead role, which would serve as a reimagining of the original film. Have you ever heard of backfire? Unfortunately, the outcome was not what was expected and instead of a sequel, the 2016 film was quickly swept under the rug. Last year, Jason Reitmanson of the original director Ivan Reitman, and a talented young filmmaker established in the industry, brought back the concept of the passing of the baton in a big way for a third film, with the original cast blessing the new generation. It worked very well, and the sequel is expected for the next few years.

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