The Sims 4: bug causes characters to age in a few minutes

Leaving the lives of characters in The Sims 4 chaotic seems redundant, now that a new bug has been introduced in the game, along with the update made available on Tuesday (26) by the Electronic Artscausing everyone to get old quickly — even when it’s not their birthday.

The issue was reported by several players on the official community site. According to them, when playing with automatic aging in short or long mode, Sims start aging instantly, with babies becoming children, teenagers becoming adults and even aging, all in a matter of minutes.

“After this update, all my Sims age multiple times even though it’s not their birthday, and I’ve exited the game multiple times without saving and it keeps happening,” says one player.

“I played for about ten minutes and by the time I got back to managing the family, everyone had aged,” says another fan on Twitter. “Children have become teenagers and young adults are almost elderly. None of their birthdays are coming up. How can I fix this? I already saved it,” she concluded.

Fortunately, Electronic Arts has already commented on the case on social media, stating that it is investigating what has been causing the problem. “We recommend temporarily playing saved games or creating new games with the default ‘normal’ aging as we look for a solution,” he suggested.

So far, however, a forecast for the release of a fix for the case has not been given by the company. The only solution is to avoid the settings that cause the bug.

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