'The Spiderwick Chronicles': The new series of protagonists has been defined

According to a report released by Deadline, Lyon Daniels (‘We Can Be Heroes’) and Noah Cottrell (‘Gordita Chronicles’) will be Jared and Simon Grace, the protagonists of the series ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles‘.

Remembering that the show is in development on Disney+, and it is the new adaptation of the acclaimed work of Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Back. It is worth noting that, in the 2008 feature film, the twin brothers were played by Freddie Highmore.

In the post, we see that Jared is the adventurous, intelligent and impulsive twin brother who has been troubled by anger issues. Simon, on the other hand, is thoughtful and more rational, as well as an animal lover. That is, the antithesis of Jared in pretty much everything.

Another point is that the twins are inseparable from birth and have even developed their own special language, but resentments are growing, threatening to sever their brotherly bond.

Christian Slater (‘Mr. Robot’) has also been cast in ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’an upcoming serial adaptation of the Disney+ based on the literary saga of Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi.

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Reports indicate that Slater will play the villainous Mulgarath, an evil shape-shifting ogre who will cross all boundaries to get his hands on Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide.

Kat Coiro will direct the first two episodes.

Coiro is known for her work on the recent rom-com ‘Marry me’starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and malumaand in the coming production ‘She-Hulk’gives marvel studios.

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The novels, which span five volumes, revolve around the Grace family – made up of twins Jared and Simon, sister Mallory and matriarch Helen – who move into a mansion belonging to a distant uncle and discover a world of fairies. , goblins and countless dangers that surround them.

With little information revealed, it is believed that the series will arrive on the streaming platform at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023.

In 2008, the saga won a movie adaptation, bringing Freddie Highmore, Sarah Bolger, Mary-Louise Parker, Martin Short, Nick Nolte and Seth Rogen. with direction of Mark Waltersthe film grossed almost US$163 million and received positive reviews.

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