There's Something Strange in Heaven in New Horror Promotional Teaser 'No!  Do not look!';  Check out!

the new terror of Jordan Peele (‘We’), ‘No! Do not look!‘, won another promotional teaser, courtesy Universal Pictures Brazil.

The film will be released in national cinemas on August 25th.

Check it out, next to the trailer, and CinePOP on YouTube:

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On Rotten Tomatoes, the production won 82% approvalwith note 7.60/10 based on 114 reviews until the moment. According to the general consensus, the film is “admirable for its originality and ambition, even when it takes a step further than it can manage”, as well as “adds a Spileberg spectacle to Peele’s arsenal”.

Check out the main comments below:

“This sci-fi show […] brings the Oscar-winning filmmaker back into shape” – The Daily Beast.

“Jordan Peele’s new movie is a movie that loves movies” – The Movie Minute.

“Once in a while, a very talented person makes a bad movie – and that’s what we have here” – San Francisco Chronicle.

“Jordan Pelee’s new film may not have the cultural depth of the Oscar-winning screenplay by ‘Run!’ or of ‘We’but it’s a smart, scary movie with a strong narrative, great performances and witty details” – Movie Mom.

‘No! Do not look!’ is one of the most effective and entertaining films of recent years” – IGN Movies.

In the plot, the residents of a lonely ravine in the interior of California witness a strange and frightening discovery.

In less than three weeks, the long solid sum $97.9 million In the USA.

The cast has Daniel Kaluuya (‘Run!’), Steven Yeun (‘The Walking Dead’), Keke Palmer (‘Scream Queens’), Michael Wincott and Brandon Perea.

Hoyte van Hoytema (‘TENET’ and ‘Dunkirk’) joins as director of photography.

In addition to driving, peel is responsible for the production script.

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