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There’s nothing more nostalgic than watching a good animated movie on Father’s Day. Usually with great father figures, this type of feature usually brings good stories and a very characteristic technology of the time. With that in mind, CinePOP has separated some great animations to be seen this Father’s Day. Check out!

Goofy: The Movie

Classic from the VHS times, Goofy: The Movie was one of the productions that helped establish Goofy as one of Disney’s big dads. In the plot, after messing up at school, young Max catches the attention of his crush, Roxanne. However, fearing that his son will be lost in life, Goofy decides to take him on a trip across the country to try to reconnect with the boy. But Max is really focused on getting there in time to see the show of the biggest star of the time, the Power Line. During the trip, however, everything goes wrong and they end up really joining together to get out of this madness alive.

How to Train Your Dragon (Netflix)

The first chapter of the best animated trilogy of the 21st century is an animation classic. The story of young Hiccup, a Viking who can’t slay dragons, but ends up befriending one and starts a real revolution on his home island, is a fantastical plot about friendship. However, the relationship between Hiccup and Stoick, his conservative father who learns from his own son, is one of the most beautiful arcs in the saga.

The Lion King (Disney+)

Considered by many to be the best animation of all time, The Lion King is a film that adapts the classic by William Shakespeare, Hamlet, for the African savannah. In it, young Simba is born and becomes first in line to Mufasa’s throne. Together, father and son live happily as the Lion King teaches his son the responsibilities and duties of royalty. Who doesn’t like that at all is Scar, Mufasa’s brother, who plans the murder of the two. Even with all this tragedy, the connection between Simba and Mufasa remains very strong, showing that nothing beats a true relationship between father and son.

The Croods (Netflix)

Released without much fanfare by DreamWorks, this animation plays with Plato’s Myth of the Cave. The story follows the Croods, a prehistoric family who live in the protection of the cave. Only after an accident, they are at the mercy of nature. So, they must band together to survive the threats the world presents. The problem is that the father is very conservative, always thinking about the safety of the group, while the rest of the family wants to enjoy the trip. Then, there is a big, very fun clash between them.

Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey (Disney+)

One of the last films released before the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there in 2020, Two brothers It’s a fantastic film that hasn’t received as much recognition as it should have. launched by Pixar, it is based on RPG tables and deals with the relationship of two brothers who live in a magical world and have become estranged after the death of their father. On the youngest’s birthday, he receives a gift from his late father, which would allow him to come back to life for 24 hours. But things go wrong and the magical process ends up not happening. Now, the two brothers go on a van trip to try to find the missing piece so they can see their father one last time.
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