Tip |  Five Movies to Watch With Your Dad This Father's Day

There are many parents around the world who are not so familiar with cinema and movies. Whether due to the social structure of their times or lack of time, many rarely take the time to watch a movie. On this Father’s Day, CinePOP has selected five films from different genres that will probably, all with fatherhood as a central point, make your father interested in the seventh art. Check out!

Creed: Born To Fight (Amazon Prime Video)

Released in 2015, this feature tells the story of the legendary boxer’s son Apollo Creed, killed in the 1980s in a historic fight. Forty years later, young Creed ventures into minor struggles to try to turn pro and “pay off a debt” he believes exists between his late father and himself. So the boy gets his father’s best friend, Rocky Balboa, become your trainer. In this journey towards the major league, Creed learns from Rocky the values ​​of the sport and that his father was very different from the figure he imagined.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (Disney+)

Critical and box office success, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is one of the most interesting films of this wave of superheroes that has been taking the big screen in recent decades. The plot revolves around paternalism. While Peter Quill meets his biological father and tries to understand why he abandoned him, his “foster father” helps the naughty Rocket Raccoon to understand each other better as a raccoon/team member, and tutor of the little Groot. Filled with fantastic special effects, hilarious scenes and an applause-worthy musical score, guardians 2 It’s the most family movie Marvel and one of the best in the studio.

dear boy (HBO Max)

A renowned journalist and writer does not have a quiet life there because of the troubled relationship with his eldest son, who is addicted to methamphetamine. Faced with this unfortunate and sad situation, he begins to study drugs and the effect that addiction can have on users, while reviewing his own son’s past, who grew up in a loving home, and his own mistakes as a father. On the other hand, the boy reflects on his own life and the cycles he has lived through while trying to quit drugs. It is a very heavy drama about this family relationship.

Back to the future (Star+)

One of the greatest classics of Pop Culture, Back to the future is the perfect mix between adventure and science fiction. The film tells the story of Marty McFly, a 1985 boy who thinks about popularity and enjoying the weekend with his girlfriend. However, after an accident with his best friend, he ends up traveling to 1955, where he accidentally interferes with his parents’ first date. Now, if he wants to go back to the future, he’ll need to find a way to bring his parents back together, but the mission won’t be easy, as his future father is a typical nerd, all shy and insecure. And despite all the adventure and confusion of the story, Back to the future it is really a film about family and the closeness between father and son. It’s so much fun to see how they interact and how Marty’s actions in the past influence the George of the future.

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Big Fish and Its Wonderful Stories (HBO Max)

One of the coolest traditions of parent-child relationships, which unfortunately has been lost over time, is the habit of telling stories from your life as a way to guide or teach lessons. AND Big fish is a film that talks about exactly that: the importance of telling stories for the construction of a human being and how the relationship between father and son influences the lives of young people when it comes to following their own path. Well, in short, Big fish brings Edward Bloom to his deathbed. Throughout his life, he told his son Will many stories about his wonderful adventures. One day, tired of his father’s stories and all the ego he believes is involved in them, Will decides to investigate these stories to find out if anything his father has told him is true. It’s the result? Well, that’s what you’ll see in the movie.

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