Imagem de: Tower of Fantasy: quando será o lançamento no Brasil?

The new MMO Tower of Fantasy is very close to its release. the great rival of Genshin Impact will be available globally from August 10th at “5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT” – but if you don’t understand what that means for Brazilian players, let’s find that time better.

Converting time zones, Tower of Fantasy will be available in Brazil on Wednesday, August 10th, starting at 9 pm. Players will be able to choose between the mobile game (Android and iOS) or on PC via the official website.

The download via Steam or Epic Games will only be available at the end of the year.

the game of Perfect World Entertainment, Hotta Studio and Level Infinite was not called “Genshin Impact’s main competitor” for nothing. It follows much of its rival’s premises, promising beautiful settings, charismatic characters and, of course, gacha system. Its differentials, however, include a more futuristic environment, many character customization options, more frenetic combats and dedication to real multiplayer mode.

What is the story of Tower of Fantasy?

According to the official synopsis, humans managed to carry out interstellar colonization and created a new community on the planet. Aida. There, they built the Fantasy Tower to mine omnium – “a potent and mysterious energy contained in the comet Mara”. However, this ended up costing dearly and dividing society between Hykros and Aida’s heirs.

It is from this context that the story will be developed, featuring characters such as Kira Buckland, Kristen McGuire, Johnny Young and Casey Mongillo, among many others. Interestingly, Genshin Impact players may even notice some early visual inspiration.

When can I preload the game?

Tower of Fantasy already has over 4 million pre-registered users – which means that some rewards are already guaranteed at the beginning of the game. Players will receive 500 black crystals, 5 purple cores, 10 yakasumba noodle dishes, and a cosmetic reset ticket, as well as two extra temporary rewards.

For those who want to get ahead, it is possible to pre-load the game on all available platforms. since todayAugust 9.

It is worth emphasizing that PC players need to download it from the official website. The game launcher is around 127MB, but the download of the game itself need 22.2GB of space.

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