Up to 60% off gamer items on the Casas Bahia website

Who seeks agility and good performance in games, knows that a specific equipment makes total difference in the match. A good headset and a gaming mouse are examples of peripherals that have specific features for gaming, and those who are used to playing games understand that it is necessary to analyze the specifications of each accessory to ensure a good game.

Although these products have a high cost, it is worth investing in good components for matches, and to guarantee a more affordable price, the tip is compare prices on different websites and keep an eye on promotions.

Currently, the Casas Bahia website has the campaign General gamefiedoffering up to 60% off player equipmentsuch as gaming chair, headsets, gaming keyboard, console controller and other products.

See all promotional products in this link, but first, check out the items we have separated for you:

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