Used console sales increase 31% at OLX;  Xbox One leads

THE OLX recorded a 31% increase in used console sales in the month of June (compared to May) 2022. Xbox One topped the bestseller list, followed by Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4, shows a survey exclusively given to voxel.

According to the e-commerce platform, the Second-hand video games are very attractive because they cost up to 48% cheaper than the new ones.

“With rising inflation and other challenges in the current economic scenario, consumers have been looking for cheaper alternatives, especially when they involve entertainment. It is also noticeable that users are increasingly adhering to the circular economy, seeing the great opportunities and benefits of acquiring used products”, argued Regina Botter, General Manager of OLX.

Check out the list of the best-selling used consoles in June 2022 on OLX below:

  • 1st: Xbox One
  • 2nd: Xbox 360
  • 3rd: PlayStation 4
  • 4th: Nintendo Switch
  • 5th: PlayStation 2
  • 6th: Xbox Series S
  • 7th: PlayStation 3
  • 8th: Nintendo Wii
  • 9th: PlayStation 5
  • 10th: Xbox Series X

The biggest savings

According to OLX, buyers had a average savings of 29% when purchasing used appliances in the website.

In this sense, the PlayStation 3 is the “champion” economy console. The company reveals that a used device has an average cost of R$ 574, which is about 48% cheaper than a new one.

Check out, below, the used video games that had the best value for money from OLX in June:


Average price


Playstation 3

BRL 574


Playstation 4

BRL 1,337


Playstation 2

BRL 279


Nintendo Switch

BRL 1,456


Xbox 360

BRL 421


PlayStation 5

BRL 3,614


Xbox Series X

BRL 3,524


Xbox one

BRL 990


Xbox Series S

BRL 1,599


Nintendo Wii

BRL 438


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