Using the name Lolahol, Madonna's first daughter launches herself as a singer.  Listen to "Lock&Key"!

About to turn 26, Lourdes Maria Leon, Madonna’s eldest daughter, decided to embrace the same career as her more than famous mother, releasing her first single as Lolahol.

“Lock&Key” is situated between pop and more experimental electronics, combining an easily assimilated melody with nervous drum&bass beats and an atmosphere that refers to trip-hop. The single features Lourdes collaborating with Eartheater, who also directed the clip, Samuel Burgess and Hara Kiri.

The arrival of music does not cease to surprise, as Lola had already said that she had no interest in taking this path, even if she knew how to sing. Until now, she had preferred to focus her energies on learning to dance and working as a model on campaigns for some of the most popular and sophisticated brands on the planet.


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