Valkyrie Elysium reveals new characters, summons and mechanics

Square Enix has released new details about its upcoming action game Valkyrie Elysium, developed by Soleil. Among the news, we have information about new characters and specific gameplay mechanics, mainly involving the use of spells.

The new characters shown were the human Armand and two summons, named Kristoffer and Taika. In the Valkyrie universe, summons are known as Einherjar.

The human Armand on his mysterious quest.Source: Square Enix (via Gematsu)

Armand appears in the campaign as a human looking for something in the devastated world. His quest item is a secret at the start of the game, which should offer a mystery about the character’s intentions.

Kristoffer is one of the Einherjar, the game's summons.Kristoffer is one of the Einherjar, the game’s summons. Source: Square Enix (via Gematsu)

The Einherjar will be a key point in the new game, both for the gameplay and for the story. They are spirits that the player summons in the middle of combat to help with combos and to allow the use of elemental attacks with their weapons. Kristoffer specializes in spear attacks, while Taika focuses on using magic.

Taika was also revealed to be one of the Einherjar.Taika was also revealed to be one of the Einherjar. Source: Square Enix (via Gematsu)

To summon an Einherjar it is necessary to fill the “soul” bar, which happens by collecting items or blue orbs dropped by enemies in the middle of combat. Depending on the summoned spirit, the Valkyrie’s color changes, to indicate the type of element that was imbued by the summon to her weapon.

The spells themselves in the game are called Divine Arts. They are discovered through scrolls, obtained from chests and the like. The player can equip the chosen Divine Arts (how many at a time was not specified) and use them by consuming the arts bar. This bar is refilled with items or performing combos.

Divine Arts elements can be used for extra damage.Divine Arts elements can be used for extra damage.Source: Square Enix (via Gematsu)

Divinve Arts also have specific elements and can be used to exploit opponents’ weaknesses.

The producer’s disclosure also revealed the Soul Chain, a kind of “string” in Valkyrie Elysium, which you can use both to get around and during combat. We also have a collection of varied weapons and a skill tree to be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Soul Chain is used to move around the scene and for combat.Soul Chain is used to move around the setting and for combat.Source: Square Enix (via Gematsu)

Valkyrie Elysium arrives on PS4 and PS5 on September 29, and then on PC on November 11.

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