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In April of this year, the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 caught the attention of fans of the Riot Games game by putting several pro-players from around the world to compete in a tournament full of dynamism.

In this context, the dispute with the first-person shooter game showed what are the preferences of professional esports athletes in relation to the characteristic mechanisms. This includes pistol rounds — perhaps one of the most anticipated moments by competitors and the public during the VALORANT tournament.

In this way, a survey of the VALORANT betting site Betway proposed to analyze which weapons were most used by players during the regular phase of the first stage of the VALORANT Champions Tour Brasil 2022, among other information collected during the competition. And you can find out all about it right away.

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The most used weapons in a VALORANT competition

Betway analysis informs which were the most used weapons by pro-players in the VALORANT Champions Tour Brazil 2022. (Source: Betway/Reproduction)

In addition to surveying pro players’ preferred weapons, the analysis considered their performance with the chosen items. Thus, among the weapons available, Ghost was the most used, appearing just over 250 times in the tournament. Then came Classic, Sheriff, Frenzy and, finally, Shorty.

Each weapon has an interesting particularity, which also caught the attention of Betway analysts. While Ghost is a basic, yet powerful and incredibly assertive weapon in the hands of a good competitor, Classic stands out for its bold attributes. It’s a weapon that can do real damage in more aggressive strategies.

Meanwhile, Sheriff, Frenzy and Shorty were picked less than 50 times. The last one was only used once. According to Betway data, this can be explained by the shape of the weapon, which resembles a shotgun and ends up being less strategic in a pistol round.

Other highlights from Betway’s review of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour

During the first round pistol rounds, Betway analysts observed that competitors infiltrated 48 maps over 96 rounds.

Some considerations were also drawn from these locations, including the game modes played by pro-players most often and which ones managed to create the most advantages from that.

Check the map data:

  • Ascent, for example, appeared in 13 matches – being considered one of the most comfortable to play.

  • Split then appeared in 5 matches as well as the Bind map.

  • Icebox stood out by being present in 13 championship matches.

  • Haven and Fracture maps also stood out, but with lower adhesion, participating in 2 and 3 matches, respectively.

Find out who were the best pro-players in pistol rounds at the VALORANT Champions Tour Brazil 2022. (Betway/Reproduction)

Find out who were the best pro-players in pistol rounds at the VALORANT Champions Tour Brazil 2022. (Betway/Reproduction)

To complete the analysis, Betway also identified the best regular season players from their performances in pistol rounds at the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour.

Vivo Keyd’s heat player came in first by completing 27 kills, mostly on the Icebox map, where he won 15 of them. Jonn, from the NIP team, and Mwzera, also from Vivo Keyd, appear soon after, with 22 and 21 kills, respectively.

If you’re a VALORANT fan, you know very well what the particularities of these weapons are and the most appropriate moments for them to be used, don’t you? So, what would your choice be if you were in a professional gaming championship?

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