WE ALREADY ASSIST!  Find out what to expect from the 2nd episode of The House of the Dragon [SEM SPOILERS]

as a member of Critics Choice Associationour journalist Rafa Gomes could already check out the 2nd episode of the acclaimed series by HBO, The Dragon’s House.

And to whet your enthusiasm and prepare you for yet another chapter in the Fire and Blood saga, we’ve rounded up five important things you can expect from “The Rogue Prince“. But of course, all this without any spoilers.

Come here and prepare with us!

Contrary to what was announced earlier in the week by the showrunners Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan J. Condal, the 2nd episode still doesn’t bring the long-awaited opening of the series. At least not in the version sent to members of the press.

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What we see in the opening seconds is the appearance of the Targaryen family crest on a dark screen, to the sound of part of the theme song of game of Thrones. It remains to be seen if in the official exhibition of chapter two we will already have an opening or if we will still have to wait another week.

The passing of Queen Aemma and her newborn Baelon took all of King’s Landing by surprise. With the series returning this Sunday, we’ll see how all the events of Episode 1 could end up impacting the plot in the long run.

Right at the end of the 1st episode of The Dragon’s House, we already see Daemon Targaryen being “exiled” by his brother and King Viserys for his infamous comment about the stillborn Baelon being only the “heir for a day”. Well…this is just the beginning!

Amid uncertainties, demands and ethical and moral conflicts, King Viserys and all the pawns that surround him begin to move quickly – each trying to defend their own name and, of course, their ego.

This 2nd episode is already much more strategic and dense – but no less dynamic. Highlighting the ambitions and visions of the main protagonists, “The Rogue Prince” is like a chessboard, which early on determines how the characters’ decisions and behavior will affect this new era of the game universe. game of Thrones.

The chapter may not have a lot of blood, but it’s no less powerful!

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