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Temperatures plummeted in much of Brazil, with regions even recording negative temperatures on thermometers. And in the face of this cold, nothing better than spending the day under the covers watching a movie, right? That’s why CinePOP has selected five franchises of different genres that are available on HBO Max for you to watch over the weekend. Check out!

Lord of the Rings

The most awarded fantasy saga in the history of cinema is made up of three great films, in every way possible. That’s why a lot of people who haven’t watched the trilogy Lord of the Rings usually rolls to play. But let’s face it, this cold begs for big adventure movies, right? So nothing better than taking the delay and watching for the first time, or reviewing for the thousandth time, the story of the Hobbits who are summoned by a wizard to go to Mordor, in the midst of so many dangers, to destroy the One Ring, which can finally all the way Middle Earth. What’s more, the series based on this universe will debut in a few weeks, so it’s worth staying on top of everything that happens. If you like, you can also amend the trilogy The Hobbitwhich is far from being as good as this one, but it has its value.

Note: we recommend that you watch the extended versions. They can make movies even better.

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If You Drink, Don’t Marry

It may not seem like it, but next year it will be ten years since If You Drink, Don’t Marry! part III arrived in theaters. Well, the story of the group of friends who goes to Las Vegas for one of their bachelor’s parties, but ends up waking up with the biggest hangover of all time, not only conquered the public, but also became a wonderful franchise of politically incorrect humor. . directed by Todd Phillipsthe saga bets on the nonsense and creativity of teenage humor to lead the group to increasingly bizarre situations, always supported by Alan’s madness (Zach Galifianakis) and the events of the first film.

Invocation of Evil

Moving from comedy to horror, the entire trilogy Invocation of Evil is available in the HBO Max catalog. In fact, the entire “InvocaVerso” is on the platform, as the spin-offs are also there. Finally, the saga follows the misadventures of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a couple of alleged “demonologists” who roamed the US looking for supernatural cases such as possessions and hauntings. In the trilogy, the story adapts some of its most famous cases, always focusing on “pop horror”, with a lot of jumpscare and a very interesting construction of the atmosphere of tension.


Started in 2014, MonsterVerse hasn’t exactly become an unquestioned phenomenon, but it has a very solid fan base. Mixing suspense, action and adventure, this saga that brings together the films Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and the very fun Godzilla vs. kong, brought different visions to the most famous giant monsters in cinema. Of these, the weakest is Godzilla II, but it’s still worth watching because it features many iconic monsters, such as the mothra it’s the Ghidorah.

The Godfather

Ending this weekend’s suggestions, one of the greatest trilogies in the history of cinema, if not the greatest. Completing 50 years in 2022, The Godfather is a classic mafia story that redefined the genre in cinemas. The plot revolves around Don Corleone (Marlon Brandon) and his network of mafia influence, which refuses to protect the Tattaglia family’s heroin business, creating unease between the families. Throughout the films, we see the entire hierarchy of the mafia families, learn more about the Corleones’ past and future, and witness a series of bizarre but strangely interesting crimes to see on the big screen. A timeless work of art.

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