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If you’ve been following CinePOP this week, you’ve probably read some articles about the 80th anniversary of Zé Cariocathe first Brazilian character in the history of disney. In the past, anyone who wanted to watch a production that had the character’s presence would have to visit video stores and hope that she had a videotape or DVD with one of the films. After all, they are very old productions. However, with the advent of Disney+, all of his video appearances are available in the streaming catalog. So, CinePOP went after and cataloged here in which movies and series you can find the parrot of Xurupita Village. Check out!

hello friends

The birth of Zé Carioca took place in hello friendsan animation with three shorts that approach the trip of Disney animators through the mysterious South America in the middle of the 1940s. The final short, of course, takes place in Rio de Janeiro, and shows the beginning of the friendship between the Donald Duck and Zé Carioca, while the Brazilian bird presents the wonders of Rio de Janeiro to his North American friend.

Have you ever been to Bahia?

Functioning as a sequence of hello friends, Have you ever been to Bahia? brings Donald Duck having a birthday. And unsurprisingly, his friends in Latin America send him great gifts. However, these gifts end up transporting the mallard to Mexico, where he enjoys the panchitoand to Bahia, where he competes with Zé Carioca for the attention of Aurora Miranda amidst a spectacular musical number.

Melody time

Continuing with the tradition of short films, Melody time brings a journey through different musical styles in several different and unconnected shorts. In one of them, the annoying bird Aracuã a fun and intense samba circle begins to lift Zé Carioca and Pato Donald out of a deep sadness.

Mickey Mouse Shorts – Season 1 Ep. 19

In the last episode of the first season of the series of shorts, the friendly Mickey Mouse goes to Maracanã to try to see a football game. The problem is that a lot of confusion happens and the experience ends up being intense. At the stadium, Zé Carioca works as the narrator of the match.
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Ducktales: The Adventure Hunters – Temp. 2 Ep 4

On a trip to Brazil, Donald reconnects with his college band, Los Três Caballeros, and discovers that Panchito has become a famous musician, while Zé Carioca has become a famous travel influencer. So Donald Duck sees that he has done nothing with his life and decides to lie to them that he is a millionaire.

Ducktales: The Adventure Hunters – Temp. 3 Ep. 5

Donald’s band prepares for a world tour and tries to get investment from Uncle patinhas. So, with the negative, Los Tres Caballeros plot to deceive the Daisy to perform at a big event and be able to afford the tour.

All productions are available on Disney+.

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