Weekend Tip |  Movies with an excellent music score on HBO Max

Cinema and music grew in the popular scene until they reached the point where they practically walked hand in hand. Currently, for example, it is practically impossible to disassociate one from the other. With that in mind, CinePOP has separated five films available in the HBO Max in which the Musical Score is as striking as the story itself. Check out!


Big release of the month on HBO Max, Elvis tells the story of the career of one of the most famous musicians of all time, from the point of view of his controversial and hated manager, who, for many, is the main culprit for the premature death of the star. Going through the different phases of Elvis’ meteoric career, the film brings the King’s greatest hits and an impressive job of characterization, which practically guarantee a spot for the feature in the next awards season. It is a drama packed with great successes, which does not hide the controversies of its protagonist, but still manages to move and hold attention.

The Suicide Squad

Mixing action, adventure and a lot of politically incorrect humor, The Suicide Squad is the second attempt A.D in bringing the most versatile group of villains in comics to the big screen. driven by the insane James Gunn, the film follows a group of malefactors chosen by the government to embark on a suicide mission in exchange for a reduced sentence. The problem is that they must find a way to understand each other if they are to survive the dangers of this trip to South America, where they will try to overthrow a dictator who threatens US interests in the region. And as it is a classic Gunn film, expanding his vices and mannerisms to a point never seen in his career, the musical score is one of the best points of the long. Mixing some hits with indie highlights, The Suicide Squad is a big hit from DC.

Tenacious D: An Infernal Duo

Jumping from one comedy adventure to another, Tenacious D is a classic. Released in 2006, the film is a crazy story about a downtrodden small-town boy who has a vision of a rock star telling him to jump out of that sty to live off his music. Thus, he begins a journey with a frustrated and failed musician who promises him the life of luxury and rock fame. Together they form Tenacious D. However, they decide to go after a legendary artifact: the Pick of Destiny, which is made from the devil’s own tooth and was responsible for the success of every great band in history. The problem is that they will need to break into the Rock Museum for that, which is not an easy mission. And, of course, like every movie that has the Jack Black working insanely well, the musical score is composed of top-notch rock.

A Star is Born

Returning to drama in the music world, A Star is Born It’s another version of the original feature. But for many, this 2018 movie is the best version of that story ever made. Directed and Starred by Bradley Cooper, the feature follows a rock/country star who has chronic drinking problems, but continues to tour the US to get his message across. On one of these trips, he meets an eccentric waitress (Lady Gaga), which changes his life once and for all. Owner of an absurd voice and a great talent for writing, the young woman ends up getting involved with the singer and ends up being surprised when he invites her to sing on stage with him. From then on, her career takes off, as she marvels at the news of being a star. It is a heavy drama, marked by fantastic soundtracks and music.

Sing Street: Music and Dream

Leaving the drama and getting into a more optimistic approach, the last tip is sing street, a film for everyone who has ever fallen in love in life, be it with a person, music or both. The plot revolves around a young man oppressed in many ways in Ireland in the 80s. About to see his parents divorce and suffering at school, the boy finds himself in music, even if he is not so good. After meeting the girl he believes to be the love of her life, he decides to start a band to impress her. So he brings together the biggest weirdos from across the school to form Sing Street. Influenced by the video clips of the time, the boys began to compose their own songs and had a lot of fun while trying to score their hits. It’s a story that will warm your heart and make you download the movie playlist the moment it ends.

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