'Wendell & Wild': New animation from the director of 'Coraline' gets teaser SINISTER

THE Netflix released the first teaser for ‘Wendell & Wild‘, stop-motion animation directed by Henry Selick (‘Coraline and the Secret World’).

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The production will be launched on the platform on the day october 28.

The plot follows two brothers, the wily demons Wendell (Key) and Wild (Peele), who enlist the help of Kat Elliot – a guilt-ridden teenager – to summon them to the Land of the Living. But what Kat demands in return takes them on a bizarre and comedic adventure like no other in an animated fantasy that defies the law of life and death.

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Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will star in the production, which will also feature the voices of Lyric Ross, Angela Bassett, James Hong, Tamara Smart, Natalie Martinez, Tantoo Cardinal, Gabrielle Dennis, Igal Naor, David Harewood, Maxine Peake, Ramona Young, Sam Zelaya, Seema Virdi, Gary Gatewood and Ving Rhames.

In addition to driving, Henry Selick also wrote the screenplay alongside Jordan Peele.

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