WHAT AGONY!  Girls get stuck on top of 600-meter tower in subtitled teaser for thriller 'The Fall'

The Suspense’The fall‘ (Fall), which features two friends trapped in a tower over 600 meters high, won a teaser subtitled by Paris Filmes.

Watch the trailer and follow the CinePOP on YouTube:

Scott Mann is responsible for the direction, in addition to having signed the script alongside Jonathan Frank.

Enjoy watching:

“A fatal fall could be Becky’s future (Grace Fulton) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), which are trapped in a tower over 600 meters high, in the middle of the desert. Despite being extremely trained and resourceful, a series of misadventures leave them unable to get down. As the vultures circle them and the temperature rises, their chance of survival drops rapidly.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (‘The walking Dead Mason Gooding (‘Panic’) also stars in the production.

The thriller will be released in national cinemas on September 8th.

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